8/8 Phillies 12, Cubs 1

Jeff Samardzija matched a career-low, lasting 3 1/3 innings, in the Cubs’ 12-1 loss to the Phillies on Thursday. Samardzija gave up nine runs on 11 hits. The last time the right-hander went 3 1/3 innings was his first career start in 2009, which also happened to be against the Phillies. Nate Schierholtz homered for the Cubs’ only run. Chicago stranded 11 baserunners and went 1-for-12 with runners in scoring position.


Just to be fair, Schierholtz & Rizzo each left 5 on base. Not bad for one day of work when you still get paid. Just mentioning the “dark side” which always gets the juices running on this blog.

okay…..just to be fair……if they drove in those runs, Cubs would have still lost the game……

watching this game, I just knew I picked the wrong week of stop drinking.

The “Shark” is well on his way to establishing a case for a 3-4 slot in a rotation. At 28 years old already I think people can start considering he will not become an ACE pitcher. If Hoystein can manage to get THREE pitchers better than Shark and Wood, allowing them to be the 3 & 4 slotted rotation guys then we will compete with a good chance of winning every day. Oh yeah, plus TWO middle of the order (3 &4) hitters…oh yeah, plus a lights out closer….oh yeah and a legit leadoff guy…oh yeah and a legit manager. Not too much to ask considering the replenished minors and all the available money headed their way. But right now if Sveum doesn’t play Watkins the majority of the time at 2B and Lake in the OF (so far, so good because THAT decision is a NO BRAINER, even for Sveum) he is doing this team a dis-service and reducing the reasons for us to even tune in and watch…

This is Poppy. I’ve got something I want to say. Jeff Samargia is old, let’s not beat around the bush here. However, you probably don’t remember that he played football at Notre Dame University in South Bends, Indiana. Now when you are playing football at South Bend University, there’s not much else you are allowed to do. Do you remember when Brad Lidge was running towards the goal line in a 34-34 tie game against the University of South California in the 4th quarter with 31 seconds to go, but then he remembered that he had baseball practice to go to so he stopped at the 4 yard line and ran off the field so he could catch a ride to practice? There’s a reason why Brad Lidge never played another down of football again after that. So while Jeff Samargia probably wanted to play baseball a lot while at South Bends, Indiana, the football coach wouldn’t let him. Flashforward (and I don’t mean the TV show) to today and at 28 you are about ready to call it a career. However Jeff Samargia, thanks to not playing a lot of baseball while at NDU, is just starting his career. Poppy’s projection shows him pitching well into his 40s, just like Poppy’s favorite pitcher Nolan Ryan. If you think Jeff Samargia’s career is finished, well then I’ve got news for you Mister, it’s only the beginning.

You got that right, Poppy! Every “great” player goes through the “ups” and “downs” in their careers. Jeff is struggling through a “down” right now. Should we give up on him? Not by a long shot! He is young, he is focused on being the best pitcher, he has grit and determination and I believe he will on the mound at Wrigley for a long “great” career. And, by the way, I love your postings – :))

Dearest Poppy oh you funny and sly rascal you! I would think that MOST of us commenters do indeed remember The Shark playing at ND. I suppose there may be some toddlers commenting that might not remember 2006 (soooooo long ago!!) when he was drafted….I suppose. But I must ask you this: which one of us “misters” has ever hinted that The Shark’s career is finished? Taking liberty and embellishing some of our comments with that remark don’t you think? I and some others have questioned The Shark’s capability of becoming an ACE pitcher but I certainly don’t recall anyone suggesting his career is FINISHED. Geez, on the contrary I believe we all can agree that The Shark will have a rather nice career post 2013, with the Cubs and or possibly with another team. What is being questioned by such mediocre and a couple of complete DISASTERS by The Shark is….will he ever be an ACE? I personally don’t think so. I hope I’m wrong.

A frequent contributor to this site recently utilized the adjective “great” in reference to Shark. I called him out then and said the man is not an ace or a #1. Great hurlers do not yield 9 earned runs in one outing, even on their worst days.

Right on jhosk. Not great but good and could be very good….COULD be…

Will Samardzija ever become an ace like a Justin Verlander or a Roy Halladay? Probably not. However, I don’t think he was ever projected to be that kind of pitcher. We’re only talking about that possibility because the Cubs organization doesn’t have a whole lot of elite pitching talent at the moment. On a decent staff, he’s probably a two or three kind of guy. And as weird as that Poppy guy’s posts are, he kind of has a point. Samardzija was focusing on football for most of his athletic life, so he hasn’t thrown nearly as much as the average 28 year old pitcher. He could have a little more room to grow and a little more lasting power just because he’s not nearly at the same point in his career as other 28 year old pitchers are in theirs. If the Cubs can lock him up with a five-year deal, I think he’ll still be useful at the end of that deal.

Agreed, but for Poppy to assume any of us think Samardzija’s career is finished is ludicrous. Don’t know what he’s been reading….

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