8/9 Cubs lineup

David DeJesus is batting fourth for the first time in his career when the Cubs open a three-game series against the Cardinals in St. Louis. DeJesus, who has batted leadoff all season, was batting .265 overall and 2-for-10 on the road trip. He’s 2-for-13 against St. Louis starter Lance Lynn. Chris Rusin, who has never faced the Cardinals, gets the start. Here’s the lineup:

Lake LF
Gillespie RF
Rizzo 1B
DeJesus CF
Murphy 3B
Castillo C
Castro SS
Barney 2B
Rusin P


Ha ha ha ha…this is getting fun watching Sveum spew out one line up after the other as if he’s got it all figured out. Priceless. So much for the calming effect of establishing a set lineup which even the green Sveum should be able to “manage” even with the slim pickins he has for a roster. He might want to start with leaving Watkins in at 2B for the time being but no, he keeps trotting out Barney…it’s almost not fair TO Barney, the guy is obviously struggling yet he keeps with him as he did the first two months with Soriano. Sveum is still reason to shake one’s head. No Watkins…again? Really? Is he injured? Ill? Yikes. I hope the middling Dejesus has a good night so he can enjoy his 15 minutes of fame as a clean up hitter as he seems to enjoy his ego a little too much…

With players traded off, half a roster on the DL and Barney in the line up, now we just wait and see how many games the Cubs lose and where they place in the Draft next year.
Its kinda funny really, but with the rebuilding, will it get worse? I know it will eventually get much better, but how much worse can it get? LOL
As joey states, it may be unfair to Barney, but what about the the few thousand fans going to St Louis this weekend? Hotels, Tickets, Food for the weekend, gas to St Louis and back. I feel more sorry for them.

I would think about agreeing with you Jasper as all fans deserve Major League caliber opponents but…they ARE ST. LOUIS fans so…..the heck with them! They can suffer through these games as much as we have to, at least their odds of winning are greater. Nice point about next year’s draft picks, you picked up my spirits!!! If Sveum is putting next year’s draft picks above the evaluation of Watkins in the major leagues….well at least that is something to gain. Me? I’d rather see what Watkins has since he is up here, I hate seeing a kid being wasted on the bench with an OBVIOUS position available.

joey, I was speaking of the Cub fans that make the trip from Chicago to St Louis and there are many. I have been to alot of Cub games in St Louis, many Cub fans.
As far as the St Louis fans, they should have a fun weekend.

Oh, gotcha…duh. Sorry about that. Yes, the travelling diehards deserve EVERY chance of a victory which would include some offense from 2B. Hell, if not Watkins then why not Ransom for a chance of hit or even….omg…AN EXTRA BASE hit???

Where is Nate Schierholtz?

Very good question seeing as how the Cards have a RH starter going.

Schierholtz is getting a day off.

This is Poppy. Want to know a secret? One time I bought a ticket to see the Cubs play the San Diego Padres at old Mike Murphy Stadium in San Diego, California. I’m afraid to fly on account of the one time my flight got delayed at Newark International Airport in Newark, New Jersey, so I decided to drive all the way to San Diego. Along the way I stopped at the Grand Canyon, the Alamo, Pike’s Peak, and a restaurant in Yuma, Ariz. called Pete’s Diner. I took a lot of pictures, but I forgot to go to the One Hour Photo to get the developed and the camera is still in my attic and I’m not sure if it still works anymore. So then I get to Dale Murphy Stadium in San Diego, Cal. My car is almost out of gas, but I don’t care because I’m there to see the Cubbies get revenge for Steve Gravy and his big round-tripper a few years back. I go up to the turnstile and no one is there, so I wait patiently for someone to show up. An hour goes by and no one is there. And then I realize that no one is there, at the whole stadium. I haven’t seen a single person at all. I wonder, what in the heck is going on here, isn’t there a baseball game today? I know they don’t draw very well in San Diego, Cali, but you’d think at least someone would be here to watch the baseball game. So I took the ticket out to make sure I have the right game time and I discover that the ticket is for Wrigley Field and that the Cubs are playing the Padres IN CHICAGO, not in SD, CA. Oh brother, looks like I screwed up again! So to make a long story short, he who buys the ticket for an away game is at fault when the game turns out to be a home game, whether the team is bad or in first place!

Poppy, you are a refreshing and delightful poster on an otherwise depressing and negativity driven site. Thank you for your humorous story – Cubs, win or lose, you are our guys. I will be cheering you on today! Eamus Catuli

So let me get this straight.. everyone here realizes barney doesn’t belong in the lineup… who wants to apologize for all the grief I took over saying that last year??? Of course not… joey u were one of the worst offenders… white what do u expect from such a bad team? Duh! U don’t like it we wouldn’t mind seeing u not post… least mama and his lies are gone…

Carrie, is there any reason we have to continue to be insulted by Petrey on this site?

I dont see it as an insult, at least hes talking Baseball & stateing facts.

So calling Mamma Mia a liar and suggesting that I not post and calling joey the worst “offender” is talking baseball and stating facts. How odd!

Asserting Mamma lies is way off base; that is not stating facts. Mamma is (was?) one of most insightful contributors this site has seen. As I`ve stated in past, Pet Peeve`s main objective and raison d`etre is to undermine this site; his baseball comments are secondary and a necessary means to spew his evil comments and negativity.

Cant say on the joey part, I wasnt here last year.

Ridiculous how such a feeble mind can actually think last year is relevant to NOW and how things can’t change….for the worse. THAT was THEN, THIS is NOW. OF COURSE people’s (human beings that is with souls, minds, hearts and intellect) will be open minded to CHANGE. Even the almighty Soriano “saw the light” and allowed his eroding skills to travel to his next favorite comfort zone, NY. The only one who should be apologizing is HWSRN not for his baseball opining but for the vulgar and mean language used to actually INSULT fine people who contribute greatly to Carrie’s blog such as White. At least our take on Barney over the years have been OUR TAKE, our opinion and NO insults were fired at our fellow Cubs fans. My god, this life form that is somehow capable of using a keyboard can bring out the worst in us. (i.e THIS comment….) Even in times when a Barnery backer sees the common sense in him needing to be replaced HWSRN MUST demand an apology and label me a “worst defender”…for what? Having a different opinion them him?? The vile immaturity continues to spew from his fingers. There is no “WE” for HWSRN as he is pathetically ALONE in a dark place. White not comment? THAT would be surrendering to the dark side. White, Mamma we are to take heart…for we are not like HIM…. Should HWSRN be barred from this site THAT would be akin to a WS victory!! But alas, even he brings SOMETHING…as without his EVIL there would be recognition of our GOOD. Hmmm…not commenting about BASEBALL again, must be making him all giggly, of course he does it too evidently. THAT’S a FACT.

Good morning, jhosk – Did you have lobster? :)). I agree that Mamma Mia was a great contributor to this site. I wish he would come back with more interesting and wonderful news about life in Mesa. Petrey’s cruelty to him was inexcusable and should not be tolerated. Hope you had a great Maine experience..

Like I said in another post White, you cause trouble. You start stuff by calling out Petrey, then you expect other to stick up for you, because your an 78 y/o lady. When they do, because you call them Gentlemen, the trouble starts.
Do you expect special treatment because your grandaughter is married to Barney? I really doubt anyone cares!!!
If you ever watched the Sopranos, you remind me of Tony’s mother. You once said you were not going to post here anymore, that would be a blessing.

Oh I get it now! You and Petrey are twin brothers!

This is an example of my argument being proved. Pet Peeve and his supporters are hell bent on sabotaging the site with their attacks. Please do not succumb to their machinations, White.

I suppose we are all subject to non-baseball commenting. This proves EVERYBODY has their limits…. NOW….back to baseball???

WOW!!! Someone is craving attention, is this the only place you can find it?

Hello White. Yes, I did follow your recommendation and indulged in lobster. Did not get to Squirrel Island, but enjoyed Long Lake which is appropriately named. How about the Cubs shutting out their rivals! I have to believe mamma`s departure was due to more than Pet Peeve`s insults, as mamma was more than capable of handling that miscreant. Let`s get another W today.

Yes, jhosk, you are right! They seem to crave attention through their venomous attacks. Ignoring them is truly the best response to such pathetic postings. Thanks for the reminder! :))

Hate to sound like a referee, but let’s try to keep the posts focused on baseball. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. You are all passionate about the Cubs, which is both good and bad. You’re all impatient for a winning team (so are the players). My preference is for more discussions like the MacNeil Lehrer Newshour on PBS instead of sports talk radio outbursts (ex., Jack Clark/Pujols). Here’s to future friendly discussions. Peace.

Could not agree more!! Baseball is what this chatroom is supposed to be about.

That`s prudent advice, for sure. Nothing wrong with a referee and a cooler head.

Peace, jhosk! :))

Lol geez some people hate to be proven wrong….

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