8/11 Cubs don’t like being snubbed

The Cubs may be a sub .500 team, but they didn’t take kindly to having both the Dodgers and the Cardinals alter their rotations against Chicago to save their aces for upcoming series. The Dodgers moved Zack Greinke so he could face the Cardinals, who skipped Adam Wainright on Saturday, so he could face the Pirates this week.

“You take anything like that personal,” manager Dale Sveum said Sunday. “Obviously, they’re doing what they need to be doing, being in the pennant race. But the guys in that locker room take it to heart. They’re saying we’re not a very good team and we’re going to get by you with this guy or that guy. It’s the competitive nature in anybody to take that to heart.”

The Cubs got the last word on Saturday, winning 6-5 over the Cardinals.

Wainwright will start Tuesday, and could face the Cubs next Sunday at Wrigley Field.

— Carrie Muskat


You want to face teams aces? Get better

They probably won’t be snubbing us again any time soon! Our offense seems to be heating up lately – keep it up – you guys have worked hard and it is time for you to see the fruits of your labor. You have my support! Go Cubbies!

We’ll snub you until you do something to challenge for a division lead. Your team is just a tourist attraction. Ours is a dynasty. The Sox say Chicago.

That was funny Darin. Should put a W after the R in your name, then we could say Darwins fantasy theories.

Huh?? Funny indeed. BUT Dale has to be kidding, this stuff happens all the time in baseball and HE’S upset? Really? He would do the same thing if the games MEANT something. (or he should, but you never know with Sveum!!)

did he mean “personally”?

This is ridiculous. Why wouldn’t you set up your rotation to have better match-ups again the team you’re battling for in the division. The Cards didn’t lose that series b/c of starting pitching. They lost b/c the Cubs pitched well and beat the Cards bullpen to death. No excuses…we got our ass beat.

I agree Beau. Some of the things Sveum says are nutty.

I have not looked up the stats, but seems to me the Cubs do pretty good against Wainwright anyway??

Way to take it to heart the last 31 innings at wrigley Dale. There might be an opening in Visalia next year, I’ll put a word in for ya.

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