8/13 Cubs lineup

Dioner Navarro gets his first start behind the plate since injuring his right ankle when the Cubs play host to the Reds Tuesday night at Wrigley Field. Navarro was injuryed last Wednesday in a collision at home plate with the Phillies’ Chase Utley. Jeff Samardzija takes the mound. Here’s the lineup:

DeJesus LF
Lake CF
Rizzo 1B
Navarro C
Schierholtz RF
Castro SS
Murphy 3B
Barney 2B
Samardzija P


It’s probably as good a lineup as can be put together with the players available. I think the outfield, defensively with Lake in Center is much better. I’m glad someone in the organization read my posts. Lake getting thrown out last night on Rizzo’s single was okay. Choo had to make a perfect throw to get him. Sitting on 2nd with a 0-0 game and 1 out does nothing to advance the win game theory. It’s not easy to lose a ballgame on one pitch, but that’s been the year. I think the law of averages will start to even out soon. Maybe tonight. Everyone needs to think positive and relax. After all, it’s only a game.

It sure looks like DeJesus can handle LF just fine. What an amazing throw he made last night to get the out at 2nd! I like your positive thinking and do plan to enjoy the game. Isn’t that what baseball is about – eating hotdogs and cheering our Cubs to a win. Go Cubbies!

I agree White. I’ll give that to Dejesus he IS a good defender. Just takes a little too long with his at bats and a little weak offensively. But he sure as hell would make a great 4th outfielder in a year or so to help the all new, young outfield. Kind of like a Reed Johnson….

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