8/13 Rotation update

The Cubs have tweaked their rotation. Jake Arrieta will be promoted from Triple-A Iowa and start on Friday against the Cardinals, and be followed by Travis Wood and Edwin Jackson. Jeff Samardzija will open the Cubs’ series against the Nationals on Monday and be followed by Chris Rusin and Arrieta. With the moves, Carlos Villanueva goes back to the bullpen.

“Not that Villanueva was doing horrible, but Rusin was doing really, really well, and it was hard to bump a guy who’s given up one run or no runs every outing since he’s been here,” Dale Sveum said. “‘Villa’ has done it before. Losing [Matt] Guerrier, he can be that guy in the sixth or seventh inning when we’re winning and get people out.”

— Carrie Muskat


Rusin`s numbers are better in the bigs than at Iowa. How unusual is that! And can it continue ?

No it can’t continue…

It will only continue if and when the Cubs can develop a consistent offense. Rusin has a boatload of potential that will be well served with some support. On the other hand, Samardzija is a liability. My evaluation of JS is that he has the mentality of a typical football player trying to excel in a game designed for the long haul, requiring patience, suppression of emotional tantrums and a measure of self confidence against the oddities of the game. None of which I saw in his last two outings that would give me confidence in his future contributions to the Cubs organization. I would get as much in talent from other teams and cut bait with him. That is the waybI see it.

That’s a good theory. I see JS as a #3 or #4 on a playoff contending team so I would make him a take it or leave it extension offer, hope he takes it so he CAN BE that #3 or #4 for the Cubs in a few years….but if he leaves it then I too would accelerate his departure via trading him while he is still controllable making him more appealing to another team.

Ur kidding right? What number 3 or 4 on a contender is top 10 in the league in strikeouts? O ya NONE!!!

Diamond, do you or anybody (any sane person that is) care if Samardzija has many strikeouts and winds up in the top 10 for strike outs? I know I don’t, I care more about his lack of putting a team away, having a quick inning when he needs one, cutting back on his pitch counts and NOT throwing a complete stinker of a ball game….you know, like an ACE pitcher does. He’s good, he’s durable, he’s valuable, he’s retainable as well as TRADABLE, he’s not a no. 1 starter or ACE on a contending team, a 3 or a 4. Hell, even on THIS Cubs team he is no. 2 behind Wood. No kidding here. Keep him? Trade him? I’m good with either, it’s not like Hendry is in charge and will give him away…

O I forgot all ace pitchers never have bad games… duh how could I have forgot that …. name an ace that doesn’t have crap games… it part of baseball….u are as dumb as I think you are if you think shark isn’t our #1or at least a 3 on a great team… literally that is the dumbest thing I have heard from you in awhile… u thinking one good year from Travis wood makes him our ace sums this argument … please someone with common sense help me out here

I agree with joey. Am not impressed with strikeouts. They lead to high pitch counts and fewer innings pitched. Lincecum more often than not has impressive punch out numbers these days, and also a high era and sorry win/loss record. Strikeouts indicate a hurler has good stuff, but I want that good stuff to reflect efficiency and low pitch counts and wins. Samardj has much work to do to become that guy.

Wood has been and is our best pitcher. I do not see one`s point in denying that. Which Cubs player was named to the All Star team? Was that an arbitrary decision or was that based on merit? Lincecum and Cain have been stellar pitchers in the past for the Giants, but not so much this season. What counts is the present and future. Wood is a better pitcher than Samardj now and also projects to be so going forward. Could that picture change? Of course, it could. Who could have predicted the Dodgers would have turned their season around from the pathetic record they had in early June and prior to Yasiel Puig making his debut and subsequent major impact?

We have terrible luck too jhosk…if you know what I mean…;)😉

OK class let’s go through what’s called statistical evidence…. when one sees era what should they think? In smaller sample sizes such as seasons or smaller you will see variance from the mean … or we could say luck…. how do u measure that? Well you compare players FIP and fipx …. to his era …. in wood you see both FIP and fipx being greater than his era… which means he has had pretty good luck to get an era that low….. shark is actually the opposite…. has had terrible luck… so his era would be inflated due to factors out of his control … look it up guys I’m sure you know how to google

What baloney this is! Talk about a convoluted argument! This qualifies as the very definition of it.

No need for common sense, a priest with exorcism experience is just about the only person offering HWSRN any help. (ba da bing! for you White!!)

Typical Joey ignorance… try talking baseball with some actual knowledge…

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