8/14 Cubs lineup

Junior Lake, Starlin Castro and Darwin Barney are all sitting Wednesday in the Cubs’ series finale against the Reds. Starter Chris Rusin is ready. He tweeted today: “It’s wins day! Haaa #daygame”

Here’s the lineup:

DeJesus CF
McDonald LF
Rizzo 1B
Castillo C
Schierholtz RF
Murphy SS
Watkins 2B
Ransom 3B
Rusin P

* After going 6-4 in their first 10 games after the All-Star break, the Cubs have gone 4-12 in their last 16 games. The Cubs had a 3.44 ERA in the first 10 games of the “second half” but have a 4.72 ERA in their last 16 games. Also, they’ve batted .227 in their first 10 games after the break and hit .231 in their last 16 games.

— Carrie Muskat


A new lineup for sure. Will be interesting to see the new guys play. Have a winning day! Go Cubbies!

Cincy has abused us all season. That club must covet playing us. When will we turn the tables on this team? Will we need to wait for next season or the one after that? This is intolerable.

How about the game Sori had last night with the Skankees!

He is doing GREAT! He meant a lot to his teammates at Wrigley and I am sure they are very happy for his success. Maybe we will beat the”pesky” Reds today, jhosk. I am getting ready to turn the TV to WGN, have a BLT and cheer for our Cubs! Have a good day!

You do the same, White. I like that “play on words” Rusin utilized, and I hope he`s prophetic.

Rusin reminds me a lot of Whitey Ford. I think Schierholtz should be moved to the 3 slot and Rizzo to the 6 hole. Rizzo is struggling. Lake is too aggressive at the plate. Time off might give him a chance to re-evaluate his approach to hitting. He’s pressing as most rookies do and it’s working against him. Rizzo not bunting last night was a bonehead decision by DS. A guy hitting .210 should bunt and move the runner to 2nd, not be allowed to swing away. Then lose that opportunity in a double play disaster. That is on DS, not Rizzo! Cincy plays to win. We play not to lose. Until that mindset is eliminated, we will suffer under the oppressive curse of the goat!

When will Rizzo sit

When will Sveum sit…and allow somebody that can manage….MANAGE.

Good question!!

Well this lineup didn’t work out did it! Now what shall we try?

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