8/14 Reds 5, Cubs 0

Chris Rusin showed why the Cubs want to keep him in the rotation for the rest of the season. Bronson Arroyo showed why the Reds are headed to the playoffs.
Todd Frazier hit a solo home run and RBI double to back Arroyo, who gave up two hits over seven innings, to lead the Reds to a 4-0 victory Wednesday over the Cubs, and complete a sweep of the series.

With the win, the Reds are 13-2 against the Cubs this season, including 9-1 at Wrigley Field. Cincinnati has not won more than 14 games in a season series against Chicago since going 14-4 in 1962. They will meet again at Great American Ball Park Sept. 9-11.

Arroyo retired the first nine batters he faced before David DeJesus singled to lead off the fourth. But Darnell McDonald then grounded into a double play. McDonald singled with one out in the seventh, his first hit with the Cubs, as the ball deflected off second baseman Brandon Phillips’ glove. Arroyo, pulled after throwing 92 pitches, struck out seven.

“He’s a puzzle to figure out,” Rusin said of Arroyo. “He threw first-pitch offspeed to me, and I can’t even hit. It just shows how many offspeed pitches you can throw for strikes.”

In the first two games of the series, the Cubs went 0-6 with runners in scoring position. Arroyo never gave them a chance on Wednesday. Chicago now has been shut out in four of its last five home games, and has lost 13 of its last 17 games overall.

The Cubs are promoting Jake Arrieta from Triple-A Iowa to start Friday against the Cardinals and decided to keep Rusin in the rotation and move Carlos Villanueva to the bullpen. Rusin, who blanked the Cardinals over six innings in his last start, gave up three hits against the Reds and walked one over six innings. He was efficient, and went to a three-ball count on just three of the 21 batters he faced.

— Carrie Muskat


it’s a little tough to win ballgames when your heroes get only two hits. How does the “genius’ executives have no shame in charging major league ticket prices to watch the “Wrigley Wavier Wire Wonders.”

I commented in an earlier post today that we have been abused all season by the Reds. What I did not write is that abuse has been consensual. We have been compliant and acquiesced to those disrespectful Reds, and today`s impotent performance iwas typical of what I am trying to convey. On another subject, Soriano blasted a grand slam for his once and present team tonight and has ten rbi and counting in past two contests. I do not recall the dude doing anything close to that when property of the Cubs. He underachieved with us. Was that by design?

Soriano was COMFORTABLE with the Cubs ways of avoiding the post season. I think the Yankees are juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust far enough away from the post season as well to allow Soriano to be just as COMFORTABLE and excel. Just my theory but should the Yanks make a terrific run and grab a post season berth I would think THIS CURRENT Soriano will disappear.
Either way I would rather have Soriano driving in runs for the Yanks freeing up the Cubs to move on with their grand plan which did not include Soriano, even a red-hot Soriano.

Can you believe someone thinks Soriano is excelling? Ha! a .262 ba and a .293 OBP is excelling….Funny. Such immature hyperbole. Soriano may be a good home run hitter, a good teammate, a good person… a far cry from a good PLAYER. The SOMEONE just can’t see past his deficiencies. The SOMEONE probably thinks Adam Dunn is a good PLAYER. Our record without Soriano is the same with him for all those years. 0-NO CHAMPIONSHIP. Nothing to do with his contract. He failed in the LA playoffs, he failed in April and May (for numerous seasons), he failed in correcting his plate discipline and he failed in honing his outfield instincts, he even failed in going to SF last season to help them win the, the, oh what was it they won? O YEAH….THE WORLD SERIES.

Soriano is excelling in NY because he doesn’t have the pressure of having to carry a club that does not have the amount of talent the Yankees have. There are many reasons players excel in a Yankee uni. The most important one is that the organization and the fans will not tolerate losing as part of their culture. Up to now and for over a 100 years the Cubbies have always been a franchise that shouts, “We’re a work in progress, without a definite time line.” That is why Cubs fans look at other franchises with less history who have gone to the “Big Show” in the fall and wonder why they can’t seem to get there. It all starts with scouting. Then a philosophy that dictates how the game is to be played. Players and managers who don’t follow that disciplined structure from A ball up to the majors need to know that, otherwise, “it’s hit the road jack, and you don’t come back.” That idea should not take more than 5 years with a good scouting core and solid management.

Soriano is excelling BC he is a good player… you all just can’t see past his massive contract… what’s our record since soriano left?

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