8/16 Cubs lineup

Jake Arrieta makes his second start for the Cubs on Friday in the series opener against the Cardinals. Here’s the lineup:

DeJesus CF
Lake LF
Rizzo 1B
Schierholtz RF
Castillo C
Murphy 3B
Castro SS
Barney 2B
Arrieta P

* The Cubs have been shut out in four of their last five home games dating to Aug. 3, and were blanked in two of three games vs. the Reds.

* Chicago is batting .183 (30-for-164) in its last five home games with a .230 on-base percentage and a .105 average (2-for-19) with runners in scoring position. The Cubs batted .255 (138-for-541) with a .320 on-base percentage in their previous 16 home games from June 23-Aug. 2.

* The Cubs have used 50 players this seaosn, most in the Majors, but they’ve relied on eight starting pitchers. That’s tied for second-fewest in the Majors with the Diamondbacks and Reds. The Rockies, Brewers and Pirates have used 11 starting pitchers each.

— Carrie Muskat


Jake Arrieta…a reason to watch today’s game! Go Cubs!!!

Amen Joey, it is getting tough to watch.

Welcome to Arrieta! Let’s get some runs today! Just read that “instant replay” is on the way next season. Should be interesting to see how it is accepted.

I predict most forward-looking folk will welcome it, White. The important goal is to get the calls right. Only the baseball Neanderthals will complain. Many of those are the same segment of the population who deny climate change and are members of the Flat Earth Society.

Well said, jhosk. Let’s hope it will be accepted as it is so important to get these close calls right! I have seen the player’s faces showing total disbelief after a bad call. Imagine they will be thrilled with instant replay. Some complain that it will make game times longer. I for one could care less about a longer game – I care more about the right call. Enjoy the game today!

Longer games….more brownies. Problem solved.

Brownies baking, joey! You know the game routine so well! :))

Great day for Ryno, he is getting his shot. Good luck!!!!!
Ricketts/Front Office you got this one WRONG!

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