8/16 Rizzo stops by children’s hospital


Anthony Rizzo stopped by the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago to visit with patients on the oncology floor this week.


Such perspective. We all need to be reminded about the real world, the world outside our “Cub world”. Rizzo should be applauded, so nice to see this young man give of his time, have a concern for children, have a place in this world other than baseball…have a HEART. Being GOOD. This is why there is so much more to Cubs blogging and commenting than JUST stats and facts. GOD BLESS HIM AND ALL THOSE HE TOUCHES

So beautifully stated, joey! And thank you for being one of our Cub’s bloggers with a heart and a kindness for others.

Thanks White, I’m a work in progress. YOU are a joy in which to “communicate” and you too are appreciated. Never give up, right?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I believe the woman and children in that photo with Anthony should have been identified. That is an oversight, in my opinion. Does anyone know who they are? Would be much obliged to let myself know.

I agree. I was curious as to who they were. I always like putting a name to a face when praying for people.

The Cubs did not give me any info, just the photo. Often, the families would prefer not to have the names released because of privacy issues. Let’s just celebrate the goodwill.

Gotcha Carrie. An excellent thought. Something we can all agree on is most of our beloved players have GOOD WILL. Rizzo is a class act.

Congrats to RYNO!!! New Phillies manager. The Cubs’ should have been more proactive with Ryno. Oh well….GO PHILLIES!!! This IS certainly enough to get me to root for another team, no doubt about it. Ryno was a class act with the Cubs HIS ENTIRE CAREER, too bad Hendry WAS NOT!!!

Oh my goodness! Congratulations to Ryno is right! What a great ball player he was AND he is a fine example of a fine human being. Now I will be watching the Phillies progress as well as our Cubbies. I was born in Philadelphia so that will be my tie to those “Phillies”!

That’s cool White as you spread brotherly love!! (Did I get that right???)

You got that right joey. Brotherly love AND probably including “Freedom of Speech”. And the Liberty Bell! :))

“Freedom of Speech” hmmmm….what a novel idea. I guess we were right all along regarding our comments huh White?

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