8/16 Sandberg to manage Phillies

On Friday, the Phillies replaced Charlie Manuel with former Cubs second baseman and Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg as manager. Sandberg will be the interim manager, and finish the season, GM Ruben Amaro said.

“I like Ryne Sandberg, and I’ve liked him ever since the first day I met him,” Manuel said at a news conference announcing the changes in Philadelphia. “I think he definitely deserves a chance to manage in the Major Leagues. I think he’ll be a good manager, and I enjoy talking baseball with him.”

Amaro says they brought Sandberg in because wanted the Phillies wanted a good baseball man.

“We were surprised he had not gotten that opportunity yet [to manage],” Amaro said. “I think he’s got the qualities necessary to be a quality Major League mangaer. Time will tell.”

Sandberg will get to manage in Wrigley Field when the Phillies come to Chicago Aug. 30-Sept. 1 for a weekend series.

— Carrie Muskat


Congrats to RYNO!!! New Phillies manager. The Cubs’ should have been more proactive with Ryno. Oh well….GO PHILLIES!!! This IS certainly enough to get me to root for another team, no doubt about it. Ryno was a class act with the Cubs HIS ENTIRE CAREER, too bad Hendry WAS NOT!!!

What did hendry do that was not class? I’m really curious to see this answer

Great day for Ryno, he is getting his shot. Good luck!!!!!
Ricketts/Front Office you got this one WRONG!

Amen brother Doug! And everyday Sveum reminds of of it…

It will be a tough day seeing Ryno in the first base dugout, at the end of this month.

Tough, yet gratifying to all of us who thought he belonged as a ML manager. Hendry sure did stamp his mark on this team with the Quade debacle. May go down as one of the biggest dropped balls in Cubs history. “He dropped the ball!!, Brant Brown dropped the ball!!” “OH NO!!!”
Ronnie must be fuming up there….LOVE YA’ RONNIE!!!

It’s really hard to stomach how the Ricketts treated Sandberg.

Ricketts could give two shits about a AAA manager that is unproven… cubs need a new culture and Sandberg was not the answer … do u really think Sandberg would have put is in contention? No a manager only gets u do far…. eventually talent is needed

I told you all back in May that Ryno was the manager-in-waiting for the Phils. The “interim” tag is concerning, however. Ryno is not a miracle worker. The Phillies` roster is flawed, just as is the Cubs`. If Sandberg wishes to be named manager of this team sans the “interim” tag, and that status is going to be contingent upon the team`s performance betwixt now and the end of the season, I see consternation. As I believe it was Darrell who pointed out not long ago, or was it jasper, had Sandberg been the manager of this season`s edition of the Cubs, he would have failed just as Dale has. One has to have the horses to succeed, and the Phils have a bare cupboard or is it stable, when it comes to that department.

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