8/17 Baez hits 31st HR of season

Javier Baez hit his 31st home run of the season, and 14th with Double-A Tennessee on Friday, a two-run walkoff homer in the ninth. The Cubs have emphasized how they want to take time and let players develop in the Minor Leagues but could Baez force the issue next spring?

“You don’t count any of that out because we’ve seen it happen before,” Dale Sveum said Saturday. “When you have those kind of numbers and power, sometimes you do force the issue. It’s not in the plans right now, but we’ve all seen it happen.”

Baez was batting .293 with the Smokies. He batted .274 with 17 home runs and 57 RBIs with Class A Daytona before he was promoted to Tennessee July 6. Sveum has watched video of Baez, who had an impressive spring with the big league team.

“You see that kind of bat speed once in a while,” Sveum said. “I’ve used Gary Sheffield as that kind of [example]. Even watching him now, it looks like [Baez] has toned down a lot of his movement and hand movement and his leg lift is a lot slower and calmer than it was in Spring Training and even early in the Minor League videos I watched. That’s what development and adjusting are about, that’s what you want to see that you’re able to handle strike to ball sliders.

“I think, in this last week or so, it seems like, listening to the reports, that’s what he’s been doing,” Sveum said of the shortstop. “It sounds like he’s laying off a lot of stuff, a lot more calmer, a lot more under control.”

— Carrie Muskat


“More calmer?” What language is that? I do not recall Isabel commenting in a spell. She`s still studying these matters in school and could set some of these adults straight regarding the language, especially those in positions whose words are intended for public consumption.

I’ll be “more calmer” if you’ll be “more calmer” jhosk! :)). I wish Isabel would start posting again. She is one of our favorites and she and I have to decide who wins the Barney #1 fan contest for this season! I am listening to the game in a “calmerly” way today! :))

Baez, should be called up in September as a reward for his hard work and season.
It seams Sveum’s old school approach of keeping them down on the farm might need to take a back seat to these future stars getting a looksee.

I`m thinking this is not the manager`s call, Kurt. He`s outranked by the FO. I`m neutral about the matter, but if Baez is not promoted to majors this season, blame Hoystein, not Sveum.

I agree, i doubt his confidence would be affected by spending some time in the BIGS. And he could show them then that he is more than ready. Additionally it could raise the ticket prices above the $0.01 mark at the end if last year.

We are life long learners and I`ve stressed that to anyone who is willing to listen most of my life. I try to learn something new each day. DS taught me a valuable lesson this season, and it was reinforced today. One does not need to be educated in order to be a major league manager.

I applaud your philosophy of life, jhosk! Learning something new every day! Being 77 years old I am realizing that the learning never ends. Day after day of trying to comprehend all twists and turns of the human condition is fascinating to me. In the case of an athlete and/or manager of athletes I guess there isn’t always a prerequisite for perfect grammar although it is nice when they do possess it.

I hear you, White. I rethought my comment and now believe it was out of line. I do credit the manager for making that intelligent decision to remove Castro from today`s contest.

Not out of line at all, jhosk. Your comments are very welcomed and you are a very intelligent and knowledgable poster.

the cubs need teachers to show how to caught the ball in the outfield, to throw to the right base and keep their minds in the game, focus.

All those things you cite should have been learned in the minors, Fred. If athletes in the majors are lacking in those areas, those men do not belong. A major league club and its coaches should not have to address those basics. That is why it`s called the big leagues; it`s not meant for pretenders who are not ready for prime time.

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