8/17 Castro benched

Starlin Castro’s brain cramp cost him playing time on Saturday. Castro made a mental gaffe on a pop-up in the fifth that allowed the Cardinals to score a run. The Cardinals led 1-0 when they loaded the bases with one out in the fifth. Matt Carpenter hit a pop up to Castro in shallow left, and third base umpire Ron Kulpa signaled infield fly. Castro caught the ball, and seemed unaware of Jon Jay, who was at third, and who broke for home, scoring on the sacrifice fly. Castro finally threw home, but it was too late.

Dale Sveum met with Castro in the dugout as he came off the field, and told the shortstop he was out of the game. Donnie Murphy moved from third base to shortstop for the Cubs, and Cody Ransom entered at third in the sixth.

— Carrie Muskat

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What is interesting is that Castro started today! It would appear that Mr. Sveum wanted to save face in front of yesterday’s fans by pulling Castro than actually making a point with the ballclub. If he really was instituting a disciplinary action to make a point, then at least for today, Castro would be stirring on the bench. And no one likes the bench, least of all young players. To sit out a few innings in a winning cause does nothing to impact a player’s psyche or define the importance of not permitting bonehead plays. A wasted opportunity by someone hired to correct such things. What is sad is that most fans don’t know the difference.

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