8/18 Cardinals 6, Cubs 1

At least the Cubs weren’t shut out again. Jon Jay drove in four runs, including three on a home run, to back Adam Wainwright, who struck out 11 over seven innings and power the Wild Card-leading Cardinals to a 6-1 victory Sunday against the Cubs to take the series at Wrigley Field. Dale Sveum and James Russell were both ejected in the seventh after an argument about a third-strike call by home-plate umpire Phil Cuzzi on Donnie Murphy’s check-swing attempt.

The Cubs have scored 12 runs in their last eight home games, with seven coming in Friday’s 7-0 win to open the series. They’re batting .197 in the eight games, and are 4-for-38 (.105) with runners in scoring position.

“We seem to get guys on base enough during the game, but we’re not getting those runs in or that three-run homer to break a game open or that two-run double or anything from anybody,” Sveum said.

Edwin Jackson took the loss but might have escaped some damage if Junior Lake had caught a fly ball. Yadier Molina doubled down the left-field line with one out in the second, and scored on Jay’s double that followed nearly the exact same path. Kolten Wong reached second on Lake’s error as he muffed a fly ball in center. Daniel Descalso was intentionally walked to load the bases, and one out later, Matt Carpenter drove in a pair with a single for a 3-0 lead.

Lake did hit a RBI double in the sixth, but the Cards put two runners in scoring position with one out in the seventh, and Jay connected on his sixth home run off a 1-1 pitch from Russell. The numbers favored Russell; this was the first home run he’s given up to a left-handed batter. Jay was hitting .198 against lefties before the at-bat.

“Jay has struggled all year against left-handed pitching, and [Russell] got a slider up, and Jay hit it through the wind,” Sveum said. “He hit that ball about as good as you can hit a ball, the way the wind was blowing.”

The Cubs were left shaking their heads.

“There weren’t too many good things that happened,” Sveum said of the game. “The dropped fly ball led to some things that could’ve been a different game. One pitch from Russell got that out of hand.”

The Cubs haven’t quit. Check out Anthony Rizzo’s diving grab of Molina’s popup in the fifth in which the first baseman nearly ended up head-first in the visitor’s dugout.

“The ball hung up long enough,” Rizzo said. “It’s something I mess around with and say I can do. It was just a perfect opportunity, I guess, to do it.”

Some of the Cardinals in the dugout were there to save him from landing on his face.

“That’s good sportsmanship,” Rizzo said. “I probably would’ve went in pretty hard there, head first.”

Said Jackson: “We’re not giving up by any means. “We’re out there fighting and battling. Some times things don’t work in our favor, some times things don’t look the best the way we do them. It’s a young team and things are going to happen throughout the season. Everybody is giving 110 percent and at the end of the day, that’s all you can ask for.”

— Carrie Muskat


“You hit the ball, you catch the ball, you throw the ball.” – Bull Durham.
All the rest is smoke and mirrors. I’m not sure the Cubs minor league system is doing the job of preparing players before they are brought up. Some of the basic mechanics of the game are overlooked for “The guy has a lot of upside with natural talent.” Okay. But does he have the mental capacity to “understand the game?” Look at the breakdown of potentially very good players and the way they struggle in a Cubs uniform. If one looks at Soriano today versus his Cub tenure, one would have to say that his return to New York forced him to “get it” right away as far as upping his game. They sent him packing as a rookie who never met their expectations. Cubs fans seem content to spend a leisurely day at the park, enjoying the “scene” then leave, mumbling to themselves, “what the hell happened?” The new regime will have plenty to think about this winter and so will the players if they ever want to turn it around.

No soriano benefits by having talent around him… when you have guys that can hit around u u are going to have more RBIs

Well stated petrey, stated the same thing a few days back. Soriano is surrounded by stars in NY and sees many more fast balls.

The American League pitchers are putting the ball in the strike zone when facing Sori these days.{ I`ve observed many of his ab`s since coming back to Skankees.}That`s foolish. Sori has a long history of chasing pitches out of the zone, especially sliders 6 inches or more outside the dish. If a stumblebum like myself can see that, where are the advance scouts for these AL teams? On another subject, when is Anthony`s offense going to comport with his superb defense? Wore the collar again yesterday. If his ba is not in the .220`s, it`s awfully close.

A bit off subject but was that our Dempster who plonked A-Rod yesterday ?

It surely was one and the same, White. And his actions made no sense. Why risk being tossed in first inning when one`s bullpen has been overworked of late and needs a break? Also, why did not the umpire warn Dempster early in the at-bat when the pitcher threw BEHIND A-Rod? That is almost ALWAYS and indication a hurler is deliberately trying to hit the batter. Dempster received his just desserts, as he was pounded afterward and his foolish unthinking actions backfired on the Canadian.

Yes, Soriano needed all the help he could get to perform well including guys that can hit surrounding him. Something lacking on the Cubs. Too bad Soriano wasn’t good enough TO BE one of the guys THAT CAN surround other players such as Rizzo, Castro etc. Not much help in that dept. But I am glad Soriano is getting the HELP he obviously needs to be a good hitter, is having a good run with the Yankees and IS a Yankee.

Seriously u know nothing about baseball and this rant proved my point… shut up … face it soriano is a good player

Dejesus to nats …. word on the street

How many Players To Be Named Later are owed to the Cubs right now?

I believe two ptbnl … but the Garza ptbnl could be two players… if that makes sense

I’ve been calling for the trade of Soriano for quite a while. Who’s traded? Soriano. I’ve been saying for quite some time Dejesus is a “good enough” type player, NOT a player the Cubs NEED. Who’s traded? Dejesus. I’ve been saying Sandberg is well deserving of being a ML manager. Who’s the Phil’s manager? Sandberg. This is America. “Shut up” doesn’t work very well with civilized people, but one that has no clue about being civilized wouldn’t recognize that fact. Relying on the “shut up” mentality from one of, if not the lowest form of commentator on this blog is more than expected by all us civilized fans and is so routine and beyond juvenile. Like I or anyone else will heed the sage and brilliant suggestions such as “shut up”? Hilarious.
After all these years (wow…) STILL enjoying HWSRN’s frustration. Priceless.

Idk what I just proves… u whine about everything so something bound to go Ur way … and i wasn’t speaking of the trades I was speaking on u degrading him every time u type

From FoxSports: The Nats are set in their outfield with Bryce Harper, Denard Span and Jayson Werth, but DeJesus will give them protection against injury and improve their bench.
That is exactly DeJesus’ value and role. A fourth outfielder…nothing degrading about being a ML fourth outfielder, which he is. NOT the player the Cubs need starting everyday in order to improve the team.

joey, you know Dejesus was a just get by type OF, everyone knew he was a 4th or 5th OF, but a regular with the rebuilding Cubs. There are two, possibly 3 other OF’s on the Cubs roster that are get by types until youngsters start to arrive. One in my opinion is not even a 6th OF on any ML team, but yet he is on the Cubs roster.
There is no use in degrading anyone, I agree with that. I do think a new assistant hitting coach is needed or maybe just one would be better. I really believe thats where the problem is with the current get by players as well as the youngsters.

He fit right in with the emotional attachment to a lot of Cubs fans, they are blind when it comes to “their guys”. We are all guilty of this at times? (my guy was Campana!!) BUT, you are right Jasper, for ANY FAN not to see Dejesus as a temporary player signed just because the Cubs needed ANYBODY capable of playing the outfield is a little narrow-sighted. Marlon Byrd comes to mind. Really, if it wasn’t Dejesus being SO AVAILABLE…it would have been the next AVAILABLE outfielder. Again, I am not knocking Dejesus as he is a GOOD player and a fine 4th outfielder. It the Cubs had 3 very good outfielders I would like to Dejesus on our bench, but the timing is not right. In fact, isn’t there talk of the Cubs possibly signing him AGAIN if he becomes AVAILABLE YET AGAIN? It certainly won’t be for more than a bench player and a veteran presence. This is all good…THINGS ARE HAPPENING AS PLANNED.

DeJesus was signed because he would take walks, had a little pop, but mainly his OBP. He did get on base, much more last year.
Him and his wife did good things for the community, you have to admire that. Keeping a guy in the line up because he does good things in the community, is not what Cub fans need on the field.
Joey mentions getting attached to players, I am to old for that. I was not attached to Grace, Sandberg, Maddux, Dawson, Santo, I am attached to the team. It takes a team to win, not individuals. That can be proved by great invidual seasons, Rick Suttcliffe in 84, Dawsons first year with the Cubs, MVP on a last place team. Ernie Banks winning the MVP back to back years on a awful club, 57 & 58 I think??
No one player will ever take you to the playoffs.

I can’t believe they traded Dejesus…wow. But great win!

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