8/18 Castro in Cubs lineup

Dale Sveum decided Starlin Castro had been punished enough by being taken out of Saturday’s game, so he put the shortstop in the starting lineup on Sunday.

“The way I look at it is obviously, he had enough punishment, if that’s the right word or not, but I think to be embarrassed on national TV and what’s been written in the paper today, I think that’s plenty enough,” Sveum said Sunday. “These kind of things happen from time to time, they’re getting less and less. I don’t think this kid can get better by not playing today and understanding the adversity that we all go through in the game.”

Sveum said every player has one year they’d like to forget. This is probably that year for Castro. Now it’s time to move on.

“I don’t think you get better by sitting around and not doing anything,” Sveum said. “He knows. He was obviously very remorseful and knows what happened. He’s a guy who’s got to perform for us and be a championship player when we get to that stage in the organization.”

Sveum said Castro was remorseful when they talked both Saturday and Sunday.

“He’s a smart kid and the one thing, I don’t want the public or anyone to think this kid is by any means a bad kid,” Sveum said. “He’s a great human being and a great kid and tries to do the best he can. We’ve got to get that out of him somehow.”

— Carrie Muskat


I hope Castro has a great career ahead of him as a Cub. That being said I don’t think we are going to see him be anything but what he is at this point. He will probably continue to make some “boneheaded” plays, space out often and not be the high average hitter we were hoping for. Play him or bench him – neither will change him. He is what he is, warts and all. He is seen as a core player for the Cub’s future so I imagine we will be seeing him for a long time. In that case I will root for him, will wish him the best and hope that he can contribute to our success.

I don’t know White….a benching (a LEGIT benching that is) may change him, we don’t know that yet as Sveum has ONLY played him. A half game on the bench or an occasional “day off” is not a BENCHING. Castro has yet to be benched due to Sveum’s managerial “skills” (ha.). I’d like to see a week long or longer BENCHING just to see if that alters Castro’s play. We need more Bobby Cox and LESS Dale Sveum.

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I said in a previous post that Castro would start today. The issue is not whether Castro is ” a good kid” or not. The time to make your managerial point to a highly paid player, designated for the Cubs future success would have been to sit him Sunday, but with the threat that it would be a day to day situation, maybe until the end of the season. The very fact that Castro has been given such responsibility by the contract he signed warranted a higher standard of disciplinary action.
By the way, I just watched Junior Lake nonchalantly try to make an over the shoulder easy fly ball catch and then drop it. I’ve said he should play CF and still say that is where he belongs, but I would have reacted like the late Billy Martin. If I was Dale S. I would have been in his face the moment he got back to the dugout and read the riot act to him in front of his teammates. Of course, today Castro is probably wondering why Lake plays and I sit? See what I mean?

Castro is young… still learning… still has more talent than anyone else on this team… why would we give up on him now? Maybe he isn’t a 300 hitter but he should easily be a 270 hitter and can play 2b or ss. I still have full confidence in him

Thank you petrey! You’re one of the very few I’ve seen to still show faith in Starlin. I just don’t get why everyone is so willing to write him off now. He’s had 3 great seasons in the big leagues. He’s a two time all star for a reason, he’s been one of the top offensive shortstops in the NL the past few years. Sure he’s struggled this year, but who hasn’t had a bad year in their career. Wouldn’t you people rather him struggle this year when it doesn’t matter anyway? I’m personally glad he’s getting it out of his system now, he can come back fresh next season when things matter and get back on track. Just don’t forget how good Castro has been in his career thus far. For a franchise with a history as storied as the Cubs, most fans seem to have a pretty short memory sometimes.

Give up on him? Write him off? Why turn some comments into the end of the world scenario? White said no such thing, in fact she mentioned Castro will be around for quite a while regardless of his “warts”, hoping he has a long Cub career. I said no such thing, just calling for an extended benching in able to see if it makes a difference or an IMPROVEMENT instead of the same old coddling Sveum routine. Sveum may very well BE a hindrance to the YOUNG, STILL LEARNING Castro…who knows? One can only STILL LEARN if one is STILL BEING TAUGHT. Nor did Diamond Jim say any such nonsense about GIVING UP on Castro. Come on children, join the adult conversation and leave the hyperbole out. I have a lot of faith in Castro GETTING BETTER as all players may experience some valleys. Whether he is at SS or the outfield or 3B I have faith Castro will be an offensive contributor. I have less faith that Sveum will be responsible for him being that offensive contributor. I wonder what a poll would show? Would fans rather have Sveum gone by 2015 or Castro traded by 2015? No brainer.

Sveum is not the problem… talent is.. if u think a manager better than sveum would have better results with these guys u r sorely mistaken… a manager doesn’t win you games… a manager manages his talent and we are void of the talent needed to win…

Sveum may be a problem, not the problem. I wonder what a poll would show? Would fans rather have Sveum gone by 2015 or Castro traded by 2015? No brainer. When playing Castro day in and day out without regard to his mental lapses, no benching, no “time outs”….when playing Barney day in and day out without regard to his lack of production BY NOW….when NOT having the weak hitting Barney sacrifice in many situations to move runners up, get SOMEBODY (for crying out loud) in scoring positon….when NOT resting Rizzo a little more often (even HE can use a mental break)…THOSE are managers issues/problems not the lack of player talent. A manager smarter, better and more open minded than Sveum can do a much better job even with THIS roster AND get this team an extra win or two. Managers don’t win you games….laughable.

Ya if we could replace them with better players he would… but he can’t do he is forced to play them why is that dales fault ?

Petery it is dale fault because when he cot hired he told cub fan that the cub will play old school winning baseball the two year that he has been skipper of the cubs i have not seen any thing like old school winning baseball .he has not call for his player to bunt or hit and run .there are to many players on this team that do not know about old school fundamental baseball they where not school that your sat; do not mather but what do mather is to give of yourself so that a teammate can make the team a winner not a loser

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