8/18 Cubs lineup

Starlin Castro was in the Cubs’ starting lineup Sunday for the series finale against the Cardinals, one day after being benched for a mental gaffe that cost the team a run. Ironically, Saturday’s game marked a career-high 25 straight games at shortstop without an error for Castro. His previous career mark of 24-straight errorless at shortstop was July 14-Aug. 9, 2011. Dale Sveum said Castro was remorseful after the mistake.

Here’s the lineup:

DeJesus LF
Lake CF
Rizzo 1B
Schierholtz RF
Castillo C
Murphy 3B
Castro SS
Barney 2B
E. Jackson P


THAT wasn’t a benching. Sveum doesn’t know what a BENCHING is. Only inconsequential players like Borbon have felt the “Wrath Of Sveum”. Sveum coddled Soriano the first two ABYSMAL and UNACCEPTABLE months of the season and he is still coddling Castro. Was it because Soriano was the high paid, “superstar” and benching him would have embarrassed the upper management? Could it be that BENCHING Castro would embarrass Epstein because he committed to Castro long term? Could Sveum be THAT much of a lag dog? Sveum’s first two years are unimpressive at best.

Forget about his mental lapses, Castro should have continued to be benched for his offensive woes; hadn`t he gone 0 for 16 prior to Sunday`s game? Hope this dude is not our ss when we become competitive in coming years.

I’m not going that far jhosk. I hope (and have hope) that Castro will be our SS when we our competitive that would mean he figured it out…right? We don’t give up on him we just want to see some corrective measures taken, one of which would be a legit benching etc. who knows, maybe he is already getting extra practice to correct some of his physical faults, even some extra BP too but the mental aspect? We better hope HE gets it figured out soon. Maybe a trade to the Phillies and Ryno will help him??? HA! LMAO!!!

Why a trade at all? I am shocked that educated Cub fans have not been all over the common denominator? There is a reason that the averages and production of three good young players have declined sharply. Castro, Rizzo and Barney.
What or who is the reason, do something about it before it becomes a long term problem.

I’m with you all the way on this Jasper. Something is afoot for so many of our young talented players to take such a dive. I am hoping that the same “common denominator” does not get his/their hands on Lake. I was not suggesting a trade of Castro just making light of the fact if the common denominator isn’t going anywhere then the only option for our young players to improve is for THEM to go somewhere. Personally I would like to see how our same young, talented HITTERS respond with an entirely different supporting/coaching staff if not manager.

Bye bye dejesus

Owning up to the booth. You let that guy terrorize your best hope. They said Fuck you get out of Boston.

Wow, somebody eclipsing the foul language used by HWSRN?!?!? Is this blog not being scrutinized for such un-acceptable language? NOT Good. Makes HWSRN look like a saint.

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