8/18 Sveum, Russell ejected

Dale Sveum was ejected in the seventh inning Sunday for arguing a checked swing third strike call with home plate umpire Phil Cuzzi.

With two on and none out in the seventh and the Cubs trailing, 6-1, against the Cardinals and Adam Wainwright, Donnie Murphy was called out after he thought he’d checked his swing. Sveum apparently said something from the dugout that Cuzzi didn’t like, and was tossed.

Reliever James Russell apparently said something from the Cubs dugout that third base umpire Tom Hallion didn’t like, and also was ejected.

It’s the fifth time this season Sveum has been ejected.

— Carrie Muskat


Now I can understand the term “kill the umpire”. That had to be one of the worst calls I have seen. AND he didn’t even have the brain to check with the other umps! Game changer?

No one knows if that call changed the game, but it certainly took the orderly progression of the game and threw cold water on it. It is inexcusable that a home plate umpire when making that kind of call wouldn’t ask for help from the other umpires who had a different vision of what actually happened. So Sveum gets ejected without cause and the game goes south for the Cubs. The question before the Commissioner is: “What the hell kind of disciplinary action will Major League Office take against Cuzzi for such an abusive act of power and ignorance?” And may I add that it should be made public, just as much as his ejection of Sveum. You don’t need replay in that kind of situation, you just need someone who understands the role of plate umpire and his responsibility to the game. Unfortunately,in my opinion, Cuzzi is a jackass and will only respond with a hard kick to his rear to make him understand he’s not infallible when he calls a game. It’s a credit to Cubs fans that they acted in a refrained manner, otherwise it could have been real ugly and the Commissioner would have more on his plate today than giving a twit a slap-down.

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