8/18 DeJesus to Nationals

David DeJesus was with his wife when Theo Epstein called. DeJesus missed the call but his wife joked that he’d been traded. She was right.

The Cubs dealt DeJesus to the Nationals on Monday for a player to be named later. In a corresponding move, the Cubs will activate outfielder Brian Bogusevic from the 15-day disabled list. Bogusevic, 29, batted .261 (12-for-46) with three doubles and three RBI in 13 games with the Cubs this season. He was placed on the 15-day disabled list on July 19 (retroactive to July 15) with a left hamstring strain. Bogusevic completed a rehab assignment during which he hit .367 (11-for-30) with four doubles, one triple and five RBI in eight games with Rookie-level Mesa (seven games) and Triple-A Iowa (one game).

DeJesus, 33, batted .250 (71-for-284) with 19 doubles, six home runs and 27 RBI in 84 games with the Cubs this season. He had a .330 on-base percentage and a .401 slugging percentage. DeJesus joined the Cubs prior to the 2012 campaign and batted .263 (133-for-506) with 28 doubles, nine home runs and 50 RBI in 148 games, posting a .350 on-base percentage and a .403 slugging percentage.


Class act. On the field and off. We’ll miss all the ALS fundraisers he put on, with his wife.

Absolutely the finest! You are right, Shery, a truly class act! I thought the trade deadline was over so I don’t understand why now? He was a real mentor in the clubhouse and his maturity and leadership will be missed. I am really disappointed to see him go.

Salary dump. He had a 6+ mil option for next year.

How will he be missed as a Cub? What leadership did anyone see? He did not whine and cry, he played his best. He would have been a 4th OF on any other team but the Cubs. He was signed as a fill in OF, he did his job. Lake came up doing well, time to go.

You are CORRECT SIR! He’s a fourth outfielder even for the Nats! Played well, hustled well…just not VERY talented….

“Gutting” the club of experience in quest of the dollar. Seems like the Cubs are taking on a Yankee persona – what a shame to trade away class in the quest for arrogance.

Right on Frank! “Gutting” seems to be the Cub’s miserable mantra. The “youngsters” are brought up with no knowledge of how to be steady, durable players. They end up being the “flash in the pan” and then I’m mediocre players. With DeJesus and other seasoned players like him these young guys would have a better chance to learn.

Where is the arrogance? I see the club shedding mediocre players and bringing in younger players with A CHANCE of being very good players. Dejesus filled in admirably as did Marlon Byrd and all the other players in a looooooong line of MEDIOCRITY. The team is much better off cutting to the chase by launching the likes of Soriano and Dejesus SO THEY CAN MOVE FORWARD with their plan. It’s no longer 2-3 years ago….NOW we are seeing the next step in the evolution. We should be excited about these moves, not upset.

Gutting a last place club? Yankee persona? Have you compared the payrolls? WOW!

I appreciate the team finally getting on the same page. Trust these guys and you’re on the team too. Otherwise play some double hockey sticks and get in the booth.

I suspect that the 6 mil option had a lot to do with it. However, we don’t know what Epstein has in mind for the player to be named later which might be the crux of this whole thing. On the surface the Cubs had a solid LF, not CF in it’s rotation with DeJesus, capable LHB in the lead off position and from all the clubhouse people, a good teammate. At this point in time, I think it was a poor decision overall. Giving up experience for basically unproven youth. Besides, you could test your minor league prospects in the coming days with the roster expansion. It’s another wait and see proposition which is nothing new for this organization.

Dejesus is all you said but he is NOT a player to bring the Cubs to the next level of competition.
This was a good move and an EXPECTED move. The whole line is now moving from the lower minors to the ML. It’s David Dejesus for crying out loud, not Mike Trout.

I would think that anyone that misses David DeJesus, is accepting failure and not looking at the rebuilding. Joey is right on this one. He will not take anyone to the next level.

You morons ever get hit in the head or tried a real baseball, shatters

Speaking of morons, you ever write a sentence that makes sense?

is there a ‘ville in the majors? maybe we should expand

yours and you’re in it

rockshamres, I have been hit in the head with a baseball, neither shattered. Hard to tell by your “sentences” where you stand on this Dejesus trade….pro or con?

Put a cup on it fake

well the words go together well

all time line up fans?

Oakland fashions or was it san francisco bayfish?

you’re still a jerk

Anyone else getting a headache yet? :))

Funny! Are we in the Twilight Zone??? What IS this about????

Just read where the Cubs are saving 975K in Salary the rest of the year, plus 1.5 Million on a 2014 buy out. If the Cubs get a PTBNL, its a huge bonus. The Nationals already put DeJesus on waivers.

I saw that too about the Nats putting him on waivers. Not the most sought after outfielder is he? I can see a contender getting him for a nice back up and some insurance but that’s about it. Kind of strange about the Nats, gotta wonder what their objective is/was….???

The kids need direction, not just the chance to play, and DeJesus provided that. He was a mentor to several of the players, especially Rizzo, and taught them a lot. He’ll be missed

Amen and amen! True and needed to be said so perfectly! Thank you.

I hope Dejesus did not teach Rizzo and others how to bat In the mid .250’s or less (Castro…).
I understand the value of Dejesus as a mentor and all around clubhouse leader. More value in that regard than as an every day PLAYER. Maybe Epstein can create a new coaching position for him if and when they re-sign the “must have” Dejesus…. Much ado about nothing really, he was a Cub for less than two years and played fundamentally sound yet uninspiring baseball on the cheap. Exactly what Epstein and Hoyer had in mind. Right player for the right time. That time is now over.

Carrie, the position you are in, job and all, you must get to know the people you write about. From the low minors to Management, there are times you interact with them.
As an average fan, I/we do not get to know them. We read your columns and others, that being our only source. In your position, I can understand that you meet people who become friends, or you respect as individuals. You may miss them when their gone?
As an average fan, I am just interested in the building of a winning team. What is being done is very exciting, however there is no one I would miss. If there is value to a trade, go for it, should it be Rizzo, Castro, Barney or even Wood. Its a team game.

There have been several times when Hoyer/Theo have said DeJesus provided the type of at-bats they wanted — he took a lot of pitches, was patient at the plate. Did he bat .350? No. But as I said before, these kids need someone to look up to, someone to help them deal with slumps/criticism/losing streaks. As you all know, there’s more failure in baseball often than success. DeJesus was that guy for the young players. As far as a winning team, he had the right attitude. That’s what will be missed.

With all the trash talking about the trade and if true, DeJesus being put on waivers 24 hours after the trade, it becomes an even more questionable move. Regardless if he was the answer to taking the club to the next level up, no one on this club is going to take the team to the next level this year or am I missing something. As of today, all this trade did in my humble opinion is to throw a decent human being out the door of one organization into the snake pit of an organization that has learned the art of public relations from the politicians down the road from their offices. Notwithstanding last night’s victory, there is no reason to feel that getting rid of DeJesus was the answer to making a run in the final weeks of the season. Is this the new Cubs that Epstein is going to deliver? This isn’t Boston, Theo. Chicago people develop loyalties in a different way. You could have waited until the end of the season to let DeJesus go, for money or lack of production and most fans would have accepted it. But to do it the way you did will, in my opinion do more harm than good to both players and the majority of fans who wear the Cub gear. I’ll bet you two hot dogs and a beer that I’m right and you’re wrong. Wanna bet?

Amen and amen again! Very true and needed to be said! Thank you Diamondjim. DeJesus deserved better from his organization – shame on them.

But White, it’s not about what Dejesus “deserves”. In this BUSINESS he deserves a paycheck and respect. He received both from the Cubs. You shouldn’t fault the Cubs for sticking to the plan they DISCLOSED from day one of the Epstein regime, right? We were told THIS is what is to be expected. The deserving Dejesus??? What about us deserving fans? WE deserve a better team, a team with BETTER players than Dejesus…..otherwise we get the status quo AGAIN.
(I hope I am not crossed off your brownie list my friend)

Make a RUN in the final weeks of the season? If that’s what you think this was about I want what you’re smoking…after I stop laughing. This trade was nothing more than saving some dough AND opening up a roster spot at the cost of a mediocre player who’s talent ceiling was reached years ago in favor of auditioning some talent for next season’s roster. Exactly what needs to happen and will/should continue to happen as Jasper so clearly stated. To US fans (come on, there has to be more than me and Jasper???) ANY player is subject to removal should it make the team better and although Dejesus’ departure hasn’t made the team capable of a late season “run” (I’m still laughing) it has made the team BETTER just by the fact Sveum is now forced to play some guys that need to audition. Sveum is reluctant to sit veterans (Soriano, Barney, Dejesus) during this season when sittiing them was prudent. NOW the decision of playing Dejesus is out of Sveum’s hands. As it was done with Soriano and as it may well be done with the “emotionally loved” Barney. Jasper got it right. (let’s just hope the brilliant Sveum doesn’t play Ransom in the OF on a regular basis…yeesh….)

I’ve been a Cubs and remenber when Ernie wore #44 and Hank Sauwer (sp) wad in the outfield. Been a fan throught “thick and thin”. These days I watch for the “Love of the game”, sort of like my golf game. Hang in there fans, the day will come………..I just hope that I will live to see it, but until then, I’ll watch them on the tube and root for then every day. What bothers me the most is Barney hovering around .200, Castro in the .230’s, and Rizzo in the .235-.245. The only way to see what we have in the minors is to let them play. Evaluate them and make changes during winter ball. Theo is trying but I’m not sure that Dale is the right fit. We need a little more “fire” in our manager. When a player does not hussel to first, pitcher does not cover first or backup 3rd or home, etc., they should “riide the pines”. Just look what Lake did when he was called up. I’m hoping that he will work on hitting pitches other then the fastball in the offf-season. That is what management is for. Get him realize his short comings. He needs a lot of work in the outfield if that is where he is going to play. Give him a shot in the infield before the season ends. I would sacrifice this the rest of the year, not give up, to evaluate the youngsters for next year. Keep the faith, just keep the faith!!!!

Unbelievable some on here…. take the blinders off… why should we be loyal to players? How bout they produce a winning season first… all this does is free up some cash and allow us to go after a quality outfielder this off season … I’m hoping for ellsbury

Laughing at this one!! The Nationals are doing their best to trade DeJesus and his contract. They are claiming an unknown team is interested.
I dont know how DeJesus and the 2.5 Million remaining on his contract would be of any help to a contending team, especially with a .248 BA.
However, I have heard of many dumber moves. Hoyer/Epstein should be applauded for saving that 2.5 Million. It can be put towards the taxes on International signings.

Looks like their was a team to claim DeJesus. Rays took him, why? I have no idea, maybe just to platoon against RH pitching.
I can see it now, DeJesus will take the Rays to the WS and become the MVP with his veteran leadership.

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