8/20 Cubs lineup

Brian Bogusevic is back and starting in left field Tuesday for the Cubs in the second game of their four-game series against the Nationals. Here’s the lineup:

Lake CF
Barney 2B
Rizzo 1B
Schierholtz RF
Murphy 3B
Bogusevic LF
Castillo C
Castro SS
Rusin P


Looking forward to a repeat of yesterday’s win. Hit it out of the park guys! You are all heroes to me. My Cubs.

They don’t read this blog….

Yes petrey, but “go cubbies” is always a very interesting topic. lol

I enjoy reading this blog. Fans enjoy reading this blog. Players may or may not read this blog. For those players who read this blog I want them to know they are being cheered on and that we look forward to every game. I am SURE we have no statistics on which players read this blog. Go Cubbies!

Eamus Catuli!! Go Cubbies!

You’re beautiful White, with great spirit!!! Semper Opinantur!!!

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