8/20 Extra bases

* Before Monday’s 11-run outburst, the Cubs had scored 12 runs in eight home games from Aug. 3-18. The 11 runs were the second-most they’ve scored this season (14 runs, June 23 vs. Astros).

* The Cubs hit five home runs Monday, the second five-homer game of the season. The Cubs and Nationals are the only NL teams with two five-homer games this year.

* Nate Schierholtz’ 18 home runs are fourth-most amongst NL right fielders, trailing the Reds’ Jay Bruce (24), the Cardinals’ Carlos Beltran (21) and the Mets’ Marlon Byrd (20).

* The Cubs have hit 80 home runs at Wrigley Field, second-most for a team at home in the Majors (the Orioles lead with 85 at home). The Cubs have hit 54 home runs on the road this season, 11th-most in the NL. Their 134 home runs this year are three shy of the 2012 total (137).


My early season skepticism regarding the signing of Schierholtz has certainly been proven amiss. I am now of the thought he can be part of the Cubs future as a good hitter with some power, good defense, decent batting average, decent production….and can even fill the OMG HUGE VOID LEFT BY THE GREAT DEJESUS in the leadership/mentoring dept. One of the few veterans on this team all year long that had at least some offensive production. Soriano’s run production was (as usual) too little, too late and the only other starting veterans Dejesus and Barney had little to no production. Schierholtz can be considered the MVP of the season.

Well, DeJesus is gone, so we won’t have him to kick around anymore. Notwithstanding his numbers for a lead off batter, his were respectable and would have in my opinion matched last season if he had been allowed to play out the rest of the year.
Maybe the trade was responsible for the up tick in performance last night. Maybe Epstein should trade somebody every day if this is what it takes to win. Who knows?
Is Rizzo out of a job? Why mess with a winning horse when it’s running good? The Yankees lost a 1st baseman and came up with Lou Gehrig. Could lightning strike twice? I will say this. If the Cubs have a winning season from last night to the end of their schedule, then the DeJesus trade was worth it. If not, a lot of people are going to be sucking buttermilk through a straw at Christmas time!

I think the record for the remaining season has little to do with the departure of Dejesus as the trade was not meant to improve the teams chances of winning more games during the rest of the year. There is such a deeper meaning to the trading of Dejesus and if one doesn’t realize that it may not be worth the explanation. Comparing a trade of Dejesus (old, no high ceiling) with a trade of Rizzo (young, high ceiling) is not responsible thinking. Dejesus for lack of a better term was deemed dead weight as was Soriano, Hairston etc. Rizzo, Castro, Lake are no such thing. They too can be traded but if so it will be for MUCH different reasons than the Dejesus trade and for MUCH more than a PTBNL.

If you were right, I would agree with you. Your argument fails to clarify why it was necessary at this point in time that DeJesus should have been peddled away. He was productive enough for the Nationals to deal for him and his numbers at the time of his departure were about the same as last year. If I recall correctly, Hairston contributed to at least one loss for the Cubs as a Dodger. I never questioned the Soriano deal and have never said anything about trading Rizzo or Castro. Me thinks you have difficulty reading the posts that give DeJesus some cred. Sometimes Joey, the fish part has to come up for air and relax. I am really interested in the “deeper meaning” aspect of your position. If you can explain that, even though it may be above my intelligence level, maybe some other fan can parse it down into simple baseball speak, then maybe I’ll understand it. Have a nice day.

At this point in time was the time Dejesus was claimed by a team, trade him while the iron is hot instead of waiting and waiting and winding up with nothing but his .250 ba and his multi million dollar salary. At this point in time it is appropriate to save millions on a middling player and allocate the savings for a BETTER player. Could be a free agent over the winter that is so much better than Dejesus and every million saved can help acquire that FA. Productive enough for the Nats to deal for him means NOTHING to whether he was productive enough for the Cubs to IMPROVE. There can be no better CF patrolling Wrigley if the mediocre Dejesus is still around.
So what if his numbers were the same as last years? Mediocre last year, mediocre this year. It all adds up to Dejesus NOT being what the Cubs need and evidently WANT by evidence of the Cubs GM trading him. When it comes down to it Hoyer thought the team can do better and is going for it.
I read the posts giving Dejesus SOME cred. just fine as he is deserving of SOME cred. but more than SOME? Don’t be ridiculous, he should not be painted as the second coming of Mickey Mantle,
he’s a journeyman 4th outfielder, no spilled milk here to cry over. Simple speak: Dejesus is an “ok” player, the cubs brass want better than “ok”, the Nats allowed the Cubs an emergency exit, the Cubs took advantage, Hoyer did a good job, the Cubs are now on their way to improving their outfield. Why mention Rizzo being out of a job at all while discussing the departure of Dejesus? As if Rizzo too can be traded? The air up here is just fine, thank you.

I guess we all have different opinions on DeJesus, mine is I just dont care.
DiamondJim asked if the Nats didnt want DeJesus, why did they trade for him? They didnt DiamondJim, they claimed him off waivers, the Cubs accepted that claim saving 2.5 million dollars.
As soon as the NATS realized that their claim was accepted, they put DeJesus on waivers. The NATS didnt really want him, they were blocking him from going to another club that MIGHT want him.
Now they are stuck with DeJesus and his salary because they put in the waiver claim. This was another shrewd move by Epstein/Hoyer. Accepting the NATS claim on DeJesus lets other clubs know in the future, do not try to block guys put on waivers if you dont really want them.
Maybe you should look into the deeper aspect of the waiver rules Diamond Jim.
Have a good day.

That was well stated Jasper. Very helpful. I thought it odd the Nats claimed Dejesus. Which team do you think really WANTED Dejesus? St. Louis, Cincy and AZ are all ahead of the Nats in the Wildcard race but don’t appear to be in need of the kind of servicers Dejesus could provide. Why would the Nats be concerned about Dejesus? Kind of strange, don’t you think?

You got your wish. What the hell are you complaining about? I was trying to figure out what kind of fish you are. Now I know. You’re a Carp!

Ha, good one Cubiczirconiajim. I wasn’t complaining, I was explaining….glad you understood the explanation.

Funny, joey. As a matter of fact during my working years I managed a jewelry store in Portland, Oregon for a while. I have to tell you it is pretty easy to tell the difference between a diamond and a zircon and Diamondjim is the real thing. :)).

I’m sure he is White just couldn’t let him get away with the “carp” slight. No need for it, we get enough of that juvenile, derogatory attitude from HWSRN. I’m sure we just got caught up in the heat of the moment. I hope you’re reading this too Diamondjim, no offense meant to you and none taken. White has once again put things in perspective and showed she is a class act. Have an awesome day White! And you too Diamondjim!!!

Some people are trouble makers, then there are some that are instigators. There is a poster above that is both. Your still trying to be nice joey, its now being taking advantage of.

Troublemaker? Instigator? Another day, another attack from the “nasties “. Guess you and I better stop having fun teasing each other joey! Humor not allowed on this site now. No humor, no food, no pets, no health issues, no special brownies – :)). While you and I have different views of certain baseball players, issues, etc. I would never disrespect your right to express your opinions. These attacks are getting really old and “boring” to say the least. Ignore, ignore, ignore. Got better things to do. Have a great day joey.

White, you may not have been the poster in Jasper’s mind?? Just saying….not really sure but I did not get that from his comment. But thank you for your kind support again. I think we two prove that people can be of much different mindsets (i.e. Barney and Dejesus) and still understand the big picture of being good….and being Cubs fans!!

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