8/20 Nationals 4, Cubs 2

Brian Bogusevic and Donnie Murphy each hit solo home runs but it wasn’t enough as the Nationals beat the Cubs, 4-2, on Tuesday. Chris Rusin took the loss, giving up two runs on 10 hits over 5 2/3 innings. Dan Haren struck out six over six innings for the win. Murphy now has seven home runs, a career high. He’s tied with Alfonso Soriano for second most homers in the Majors in August (the Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera has eight). Bogusevic’s blast was his first as a Cub, and came in his first game back from the DL. The Cubs have hit 136 home runs, second in the NL, and one shy of the 137 the team hit in 2012 total. The bad news is, the Cubs are 4-for-37 (.108) with runners in scoring position in the first eight games of this homestand.


Carrie, I read newspapers for reports of the games. I read blogs for a little insight, the skinny, the things the mainstream media doesn’t report. You used to do that. What’s wrong? Working on a book? Getting all your stuff off the wire? Get back to it or I will quit looking for your byline.

I’m sure Carrie is now panic stricken with threat of losing you Pat…..

Obviously, Pat has not read, ” How to win friends and influence people.”

Two things. Thanks Jim you brought us the club. Thanks Steve you showed us the problem.

Switch hitters, pops down the line at third I am completely done of these threats to baseball. Vegas has them.

I can read a box score. I want something more out of this site.

Everything is here Pat Green, you just need to look around. Rosters, Draft Results, Transactions, top 20 prospects, Minor Leagus Clubs with daily Box Scores, stats and much much more.
What is it you want?

The box score did not show that Murphy’s 7 homers is his career high, CARRIE DID. The box score did not show that Murphy is tied with the former Cub Soriano for the MLB lead for homeruns in August, a very interesting point, CARRIE DID.
The box score did not show the Cubs being second in the NL for homeruns, CARRIE DID.
The box score did not show the Cubs being just one homerun shy of last years total (with over a month to go!!), CARRIE DID.
The box score did not alert us to the miserable .108 average RISP over the last 8 home games, CARRIE DID.
She comes across at times of being a homer and a company girl but she is FAR from JUST box score writer. The box score is for the day’s game. Carrie certainly brings much more to light than just those stats. I’m guessing here Pat because I don’t KNOW Carrie but….I don’t think she’ll miss you or lose any sleep when you quit looking for her byline. What a first world problem….

I believe pat wants more knowledgeable conversation about cubs baseball and let go of the personal rants and biased opinions … and I agree pat… but it won’t happen with some in this bunch … attacking Carrie may not have been the way to do that but it would be nice if she put a stop to some of the crap in here

If thats what Pat wants, then he is right. I also agree that will not happen with some people here. If its discussing baseball, there is a certain group that should stick together, discuss baseball. This board needs way more of that and learn how to ignore idiots. I include myself there.

I do not believe this comment. You are the largest transgressor when it comes to this subject. You attack posters and have been for ages.That is your primary objective. I do not comprehend this guy.

Why is Barney batting second, Rizzo third, and Castro or all three at all? And WHATEVER the nitwits in the FO and coaching staff did to Rizzo and Castro I hope they leave Junior Lake the hell alone.

Once again that leads back to the hiring of Rob Deer as the assistant hitting coach DC Cubs Fan. The Cubs may be 2nd in the league in HR’s, but the players you mention, Rizzo, Barney and Castro’s averages and OBP’s are way down.
I think its time the FO did something about this if Sveum is not going too. Its obvious that Deer has not helped, ( at all ).
Sveum is not managing the game, he is waiting for the HR to win games. Earl Weaver made a career of that, the difference is, Weaver had the right players for that tactic. The Cubs do not.

you got a cup Epstein, your time is right your Jones is right. Explain to the people why you are not a Cotter fan, he died, and why you are a Cub Mr. Epstein

brain readers don’t play ball chump


that internet profit guy needs games

Why attack anyone for anything? Let alone a difference of opinion (whether biased or not, most opinions are just that) regarding what is to be discussed on Carrie’s great blog? Attacking just comes natural to some people….and predators… No guns pointed at our heads forcing us to remain here on this wonderful blog.

Speaking of just baseball. I have a question for those on here?
I have put it up several times and no one will comment?? I am going to copy & paste my above comment. There is a direct link if you think about it!!!
((Once again that leads back to the hiring of Rob Deer as the assistant hitting coach DC Cubs Fan. The Cubs may be 2nd in the league in HR’s, but the players you mention, Rizzo, Barney and Castro’s averages and OBP’s are way down.
I think its time the FO did something about this if Sveum is not going too. Its obvious that Deer has not helped, ( at all ).
Sveum is not managing the game, he is waiting for the HR to win games. Earl Weaver made a career of that, the difference is, Weaver had the right players for that tactic. The Cubs do not.))
I would enjoy discussing any Rob Deer accomplishments this year??

Jasper, none come to mind. If you are advocating the replacement of Deer have at, no argument from me. What about the replacement of Sveum? I would rather see that come first and then maybe the coaching staff may evolve from the new manager. Medusa’s head so to speak. SOMETHING is amiss with so many players having declining hitting skills. Other than Schierholtz not one starting regular is on the upswing. In today’s paper Castro stated that too many “voices” are in his head, the columnist eluded to a misguided effort on changing his hitting approach (Why? After two solid All-Star years?). Castro also stated that he will revert back to his old self for the remainder of the season. Although he had enough respect to not throw Deer (or any other coach) under the bus, his words speak volumes.

Have not seen that story yet joey, although I brought this up 3 weeks ago. Its obvious there is a problem, when, not 1 but 3 young guys averages take a dip like this year. Looking at their OBP really makes it obvious.

I forgot which paper, Trib or Times but it is today’s edition. I thought “finally” a young hitter realizing he may (may) be better off sticking with what got him to the majors? It is obvious Jasper, you have mentioned it before. And it is all too concerning now that we may see more of the young hitters make it up to Wrigley. Should we be concerned about Lake? He is managing to keep a .300 average with some pop but he (like Castro) LIKES TO SWING THE BAT….so will Sveum and or Deer alter his approach too?

Thats one of my concerns joey. There is a reason they made it up.
I supported Sveum whole heartedly, my first concern was the hiring of ( his friend ) Rob Deer. That really looks bad right now.
My concern this year is no hit & runs, no SACS, No bunting for hits, low OBP’s, Dejesus was signed last year for his OBP, he did well with about a .350. This year even the verteran influence was down around .325.
Now take into account that the Cubs are 2nd in hitting HR’s and maybe still leading in doubles. However they are towards last in hitting with RISP. With all the very low OBP’s, especially Barney & Castro, it pretty rare when they do get a hit, that anyone is on base.
OBP is paramount, advancing runners is extremely important, stealing a base keeps the opponent INF on their toes. Bunting for base hits makes the INF play in, giving ground balls a better chance of getting through. Cubs do none of this.
The Cubs put no pressure on the opposing team, there is a HUGE reason they dont score runs and its time that Epstein/Hoyer address this as the #2 priority, after rebuilding and before stadium improvements.
These instructions given to youngsters, can help or destroy careers. I fear the latter.


I hear ya. How many times have we seen the no-hit Barney SWING AWAY with a runner on first and no outs? Too many times. I think Sveum may be delusional if he doesn’t even see the valid reason for having such a weak hitter bunt. If I’m not mistaken, Barney was never viewed as a bad bunter was he? I don’t get it.

Way to many to count, just in the last couple months. His OBP was only 299 last year, very poor for a guy at his position, much worse this year. In fact, dead last for all 2B man with the minium qualifying At Bats.

Mr. Ricketts, do not lose the Cubs

Guys an assistant hitting coach … that’s what we r complaining about? A manager? Really? How about we look at the real problem….. TALENT! Last time I checked neither of those guys play or make decisions on acquiring talent…. I don’t pin this on them at all…

Yes Really Petrey, that what I am talking about! Check the OBP’s from last year and then this year. Your a stat man.
There is a huge difference on the three younger players, Rizzo, Castro and Barney, even though Barneys was not even good last year. It still declined.
What is the difference? There is only one common denominator.

I know but I’m saying a coach wouldn’t make that big a difference … it could be scouting reports… it could be a decline to the average… maybe they were playing way above their heads … now I do put it on them trying to change his approach…. leave Castro alone.. at least they should have why would we need him to hit more hr… screw that let the kid slap it around and hit his 200 hits each year… put power hitters around him

That we agree on, not everyone is a power hitter like Rob Deer.
Get on base via hits and walks, when someone hits a double or HR, more runs score.
Advance a runner, guy gets a single, run scores.
Steal a base if you have the speed, try a SAC now & then.
Stop looking for the HR every at bat. Nothing wrong with taking a walk.
Patience at the plate, look for one pitch in one area until you have two strikes or your standing on 1st with a walk.
Baseball can be played many ways, not just waiting for a HR, or swinging for the fence like a Rob Deer.

I do pin it on him. Look at the OBP’s, your the stat guy.
Barney, Castrro & Rizzo have all declined, OBP’s and AVG.
Only one common denominator.

You’re correct on this one Jasper. I don’t think we’re complaining as much as observing and opining. Plus whether or not it comes down to those responsible for acquiring talented players should It not be inclusive of acquiring talented manager(s), instructors and coaches as well? Sveum may not be the direct culprit of our season long offensive woes but the common denominator you speak of is on his watch, by his design. Or were all of his coaches put in place by Hoyer? I think Sveum had much to do with their acquisition no? Not sure really but something is terribly amiss, pointing to that one common denominator…

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