8/23 Cubs lineup

Edwin Jackson takes the mound Friday when the Cubs open their West Coast trip against the Padres and Edinson Volquez in San Diego. Jackson has posted 11 quality starts but has 13 losses this season. He’s one of four pitchers in baseball to reach both of those numbers, joining the Phillies’ Cole Hamels (5-13, 19 quality starts); the Giants’ Tim Lincecum (6-13, 11 quality starts); and the Brewers’ Wily Peralta (8-13, 13 quality starts).

Starlin Castro is leading off for the sixth time this season, and Anthony Rizzo batting second for the third time. Here’s the lineup:

Castro SS
Rizzo 1B
Navarro C
Schierholtz RF
Lake CF
Murphy 3B
Bogusevic LF
Barney 2B
E. Jackson P


Looking forward to the game tonight Cubs. Keep the faith, look forward to some wins out here on the West coast! Eamus Catuli. GO CUBBIES!

Castro needs to be more selective on pitches to hit and more creative on getting on base to be rewarded the lead off spot. Attitude or “wanting” has nothing to do with it. Performance does. Right now, I’d put Lake at the 2 slot if you’re juggling and Rizzo at the 5. Lake has the speed and talent to sacrifice or drag bunt effectively and Rizzo has been powering the ball rather than hitting for average that would put him in at the 3. Long game yesterday, fly out to the coast for tonight…..don’t look for too much in the way of performance.

Let’s hope they got some sleep on the plane! :)). They are probably pretty used to having to adjust to new time zones all the time. Hope they can get a win tonight – must be feeling pretty down hearted after such a loss last night.

Brilliant Diamondjim, more selective on pitches to hit. Does that statement go for just Castro or maybe the whole team? Afterall. if a guys OBP is less than.310, (even thats not good) wouldnt your statement apply to them as well?
Then who is really at fault? I am sure that would not fall the the hitting coach, right? Maybe the assistant hitting coach that was hired last winter? Afterall, the AVG’s and OBP’s have dropped dramatically since his hiring.

We are a better road team than home team; that fact alone should be enough for fans to be optimistic.

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