8/23 Padres 8, Cubs 6

The Cubs scored a season-high six runs in the first inning, but it wasn’t enough for Edwin Jackson. Will Venable hit a two-run triple in the fifth and a tiebreaking solo home run in the seventh, and rookie Jedd Gyorko smacked two home runs to help the Padres rally from a six-run first inning deficit and post an 8-6 victory Friday night over the Cubs at Petco Park. It wsa the largest come-from-behind win of the season for the Padres.

“For me not to come out and hold a lead, that’s just disappointing, it’s a terrible job, flat out,” Jackson said. “There’s no other way to put it.”

The Cubs sent a dozen batters to the plate in the first and opened a 6-0 lead, thanks to a three-run homer by Nate Schierholtz, his 19th, and a two-run triple by Brian Bogusevic. But the Cubs’ offense for the night lasted just that two-thirds of an inning.

Jackson served up a three-run home run to Gyorko, the slugger’s 15th, with one out in the fourth. The Padres had two on and one out again in the fifth when Will Venable smacked a two-run triple. It is part of an unfortunate trend with Jackson. He holds batters to a .256 average the first time through the lineup, but they are hitting .313 the third time.

“To pretty much sum it up, I got beat on two breaking balls,” Jackson said. “I gave up a three-run homer [to Gyorko] on a hanging slider. I was throwing strikes, so it wasn’t like I wasn’t throwing strikes. I left too good of pitches in the zone for them to hit long balls with men on base. That pretty much sums it up.”

Was the problem pitch selection?

“It was just terrible location,” Jackson said. “[The pitches] were pretty much over the plate and hanging. It was just terrible, bad pitches. It wasn’t pitch selection, just location.”

Said Cubs manager Dale Sveum: “You can’t throw big league hitters balls down the middle.”

Said Navarro: “He missed his location and was pitching up in the zone a little bit, and when you pitch up in the zone, bad things happen.”

Yes, they do. With the game tied in the seventh, pinch-hitter Ronny Cedeno singled off Jackson, who was pulled in favor of James Russell. The lefty picked off Cedeno, but then served up Venable’s homer to let the Padres go ahead, 7-6.

“Once again, it was bad pitch selection,” Sveum said. “You’re not supposed to throw [Venable] a slider, and he threw him a slider.”

— Carrie Muskat


“Once again, it was bad pitch selection,” Sveum said. “You’re not supposed to throw [Venable] a slider, and he threw him a slider.”

THEN WHY DID HE? MR. MANAGER? The catcher points to pitch LOCATION, the “manager” points to pitch SELECTION. “Once again”??? So this happened numerous times without being corrected by the manager, catcher, pitching coach???? Come on, sounds like the coaching staff does not have it’s act together. Sure, Jackson could have just been bad but when the manager says things like “once again”….. “bad pitch selection”…. “you’re not supposed to…” it comes across as ineptness on HIS part, not Jackson’s. A six run lead, this was a game a good manager would have put in his back pocket. Any victory is now coming despite Sveum as HE is not contributing to the team’s chances of winning a ball game, BUT he is increasing our draft pick for next season so I’ll give him that. Maybe he IS Epstein’s sacrificial lamb for 3 years, just to get the draft picks? Maybe that is why Sandberg (and others) were overlooked? Maybe that is why the Brew Crew was allowed to sabotage our players offense? Wow, if so….genius! Shear genius on Epstein’s part!!

You can’t blame Sveum for this one, Joey. Jackson is the one with the ball in his hands. This is all on him.

Agree Carrie, unless of course Navarro called that pitch and Jackson didnt shake him off. Then its on both of them.

Jackson is a bum, Russell is a bum, get RID of them.

First there was the Brooklyn Bums, now we have the Cub’s Bums. In today’s world, the politically correct term is: Homeless. And after last night’s debacle, they should have been locked out of their hotel rooms for trying to impersonate a professional baseball team. Given a 1st inning gift by one of the most inept pitchers to put on a major league uniform with a crooked cap, our youth and seasoned veterans found a way to give it back with an additional 2 runs. Gratitude can be so wonderful and I’m sure Padre fans appreciate it with humility. Of course, Cubs fans will again have to lower there heads and shuffle off to the nearest pub (most of whom were already there) and lament the fate of the Billy Goat curse. Bogusevic should have been benched for the bonehead play of trying to go home on a ball hit right in front of him and not waiting to see what the 3rd baseman was going to do with it. Jackson should have been pulled after giving up the 3 run jack, but we have a managerial staff that waits for the plague to be at our doorstep before they react. This team is not a bunch of bums. They are a hapless, overpaid, complacent, group of meatheads with no concept of how to apply their God-given skills to play a game that any well coached little league team in the Chicago can play with there eyes closed.
Which is what Cubs fans should do from now on and open them on Christmas Day!

This is so depressing! Went to bed thinking we had a win, woke up to a disaster! If it isn’t lack of offense in a game it is lack of pitching in another. I am sorry for our striving players, I am sorry for our hopeful fans! That being said – This is a new day, a new chance to play ball, a new day to hope for a win. I will never give up on our team! Eamus Catuli.

Anyone notice what Hendricks done at AAA last night? 7 IP, 0 Runs, 2nd win.

Any notice that Baez got two more hit last night, including his 17th HR at AA? Raised his AVG at AA to .310.

Anyone notice C J Edwards start for Daytona last night? 4 IP, 4 hits, 1 walk and 8 K’s?

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