8/24 Cubs lineup

The Cubs face lefty Eric Stults on Saturday. This marks the end of a run in which the Cubs faced 15 consecutive right-handed starting pitchers, beginning Aug. 8 in Philadelphia. Overall this season, the Cubs are 16-19 (.457) vs. left-handed starters and 38-55 (.409) vs. right-handed starters.

Here’s the lineup:

Castro SS
Rizzo 1B
Navarro C
Murphy 3B
Lake CF
McDonald LF
Gillespie RF
Barney 2B
Samardzija P


Good thing Puig signed with the Dodgers rather tan the Cubs, which would have seen him go through each minor league level, while during the entire time the Burma Shave manager would say he is not ready for the major league club.

Looks like a good lineup. Cole Gillespie handles RF very well. Today is the 1st day of the rest of our season – an uphill battle to endure. My artist friend, Andrew Wyeth, painted a picture years ago called “Christina” on a hill in Maine. I thought of it yesterday – she cannot walk well but is leaning upward toward her goal. We too are struggling to achieve our goal of winning games. I will be rooting for a win tonight!


Don’t hurt yourself in the process!

Saw that Yankees played Tampa Bay last night. Hope Soriano and DeJesus are able to get together for a visit. Both of them were great mentors to our young players. I miss seeing them on the field.

Interesting!! If they were such great mentors, why are the Cubs so bad?
Reading your comment makes me grateful they were not my mentors as a young man. I might be on a corner with a sign. LOL

good to see ( young ,GUYS,McDonald,Gillispee,Murphy, Lake play. I feel Lake for sure too stay. what happened to Vitters,Jackson,Szcur, prospects,oh almost forgot McNUTT.

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