8/25 Rizzo stays in No. 2 spot

As of now, Anthony Rizzo will stay in the No. 2 spot in the Cubs’ batting order. Manager Dale Sveum doesn’t see any reason to change.

“We’ve scored six, four, six and three [runs] — that’s a plethora for us,” Sveum said of the Cubs’ offense since the switch.

Is there really a correlation?

“No, but I like to think there is,” Sveum said. “It’s not where you want things to be, obviously.”

That’s because the Cubs project Rizzo as their No. 3 batter, which is where he has hit for 100 games this season. In four games at the No. 2 spot, he’s 5-for-18 with four RBIs, and hit two home runs the first day he was inserted there.

“He had a big day [Wednesday], and the line drive two nights ago in the gap and I think the at-bats and the aggressiveness is better and the pitch selection,” Sveum said of Rizzo’s approach. “Where you hit in the lineup is irrelevant for the most part. Sometimes it does give you a little relaxation where you don’t have to worry about things. Everybody’s different.”

Part of the reason for the switch was because Rizzo has scuffled with runners in scoring position. He was batting .178 this season with runners in scoring position with 39 RBIs.

— Carrie Muskat


Again, we have a manager who is clueless. If he can’t even construct a proper batting order, what does the organization need him for? Bunt sign? The money that Rizzo is getting demands he take the responsibility of the 3 spot. This continued shuffling and experimenting is total nonsense. The 2 spot is not designed for a hitter like Rizzo. Use Lake in the 2 for now until the end of the year. You will have plenty of time through spring training to fill that spot. “Correlation?” “No. But I’d like to think there is.” That statement alone should make Sport Psychologists dance for joy. It validates there profession like nothing I’ve heard for a long time. The lineup shuffle is nothing more than a shell game to give the appearance that management is “trying to do something” to right a floundering ship. After all, we don’t want the fans to think we’re not doing anything to better the club. I think “the suits” should hold a “lineup night” for the first hundred fans coming into the ballpark on the next home stand. Have them fill out a lineup card, put them in a big hat and draw. I’ll bet it will be just as good if not better than what old sourpuss Dale can do!

Diamondjim23….tell us how you REALLY feel! 🙂
Just kidding, I’m just as frustrated with Sveum and the method to his madness all season long.
He certainly does give the impression that the more “moves” a manager makes the better
the manager and the harder he is “working”. Duh. The team lacks talent and it’s not limited
to the players. The manager position sure needs an upgrade as well.

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