8/26 About last night …

* Sunday’s game marked the second time the Cubs have lost a game in which they led by two or more runs in the 13th inning or later. The other was a 13-inning loss to the Reds on April 22. The Cubs lost only one other game in that fashion over the last 50 years (1964 to date) and that was a 6-5, 15-inning loss to the Phillies on Sept. 29, 1980.

* Sunday’s game also was the Cubs’ 99th game in franchise history that lasted at least 15 innings. They now are 47-42-10 in those 99 contests. Sunday’s game was the first of at least 15 innings since April 9, 2008, at Pittsburgh, a 6-4 victory.

* The Cubs and Padres played to a 0-0 tie through the 12th before each team scored twice in the 13th. It’s the first time the Cubs played in a scoreless game through at least 12 innings since defeating the Astros, 1-0, in 16 innings at Wrigley Field on May 31, 2003.

* The Cubs played to a 0-0 tie through 12 innings on the road for the first time in more than 100 years. They last did so on the road on June 17, 1910, when the Cubs and Brooklyn were 0-0 through 12, and the Cubs plated a run in the 13th to secure a 1-0 win. Thanks to Ed Hartig for his research assistance.


That was a team that had Mordeci Brown -P; along with Tinker to Evers to Chance in the line up. Difference? Cubs Win!, Cubs Win!

WOW!!! Somebody is really unhappy. LMAO
People always forget Harry Steinfeldt, the forgotten 3rd Baseman who was left out of the Poem, Tinker to Evers to Chance. Poor Harry.

I heard part of yesterday`s contest in my car on XM/Sirius radio. It was the San Diego feed I was hearing and I was shocked to learn Jerry Coleman is still broadcasting. This dude is older than Vin Scully whom I consider ancient and who received abundant pub this past week when he declared he would return for his 65th season next year. Coleman made me smile often as he`s very blunt and is not averse to offending anyone. He attempted to pronounce Bogusevic`s name several times sans success and deferred to his partner to get it right. Coleman wondered why players are not named Smith , White, and Jones as was the case in his time, he hinted.(Coleman played second base for the Yankees eons ago.) Coleman is 88. At one point in extras when one of our players was at the dish, Coleman declared, “He can`t hit.” I must say I agreed with him on that score. Listening to a candid analyst was refreshing.

What is up with your defensive play in the last inning coach Sweum.Little league ball my friend.Keep the ball in front of you!Hairston and now Cedeno,OUCH! I can just imagine what that announcer for the D-BACKS IS THINKING RIGHT NOW!

lol, That is my last thought, I do appreciate the D-Backs though, they took Grace and Brenly off the Cubs fans hands. A drunk and a idiot, I sure do miss Steve Stone.

You may be right but you cant dismiss the fact that they both have series rings and as a cubs fan turning 50 Sept 1,the pain still burns,Wheres Harry with Steve Stone and Barry Rozner is a great book to read,Steve Stone is a alltime favorite, quite intrigueing but do enjoy!

Steve Stone was an excellent announcer. My favorite all time. If a fan listened and understood, he could tell you what was going to happen before it did happen. He also taught the game to fans, in a very deep, into it way.
The best announcer the Cubs ever had, but I will never hear him again, unless he comes back to Wrigley and the Cubs that is.

Loved Jack Brickhouse also,Hey Hey,but has any one thought about Mike Sciosia possibly moving forward.

WOW! Mind reader Kenly Cub. I thought of Sciosia as soon as I seen him or Dipoto might be leaving.
Obvious they are not seeing eye to eye and my guess is, its been going on for a few years. Sciosia is a very good manager and might have done very well if FA’s were not signed, like Hunter, Pujols, Hamilton and on & on. Not to mention that Vernon Wells trade.
Kind of took alot of options off the table for a manager when you must play guys because of their salary. Cubs fans have seen that the last year or so.

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