8/26 Samardzija wins NL Pitcher of Week

Jeff Samardzija and Marlins starter Jose Fernandez shared NL Pitcher of the Week honors. Samardzija was 2-0, giving up three earned runs over 17 innings, while striking out 12 and walking just two. Last Monday, Samardzija tossed nine innings of one-run ball to earn the complete-game victory in an
11-1 drubbing of the Nationals, scattering six hits and fanning five to earn his seventh win. It wasthe third career complete-game performance of the 28-year-old’s career and his second this season. On Saturday, he held the Padres to two runs (both earned) over eight innings of work to earn the win in a 3-2 decision at PETCO Park. The hard-throwing right-hander fanned seven batters in the victory, giving him 175 strikeouts this season, fourth among
NL pitchers. The win marked Samardzija’s 16th quality start this season. This is his first career weekly award.

He’s the first Cubs pitcher to win the award since Ryan Dempster last June, and the third in the last 10 years, joining Carlos Zambrano, who was honored after throwing his no-hitter in September 2008.


Neither of whom are still with the Cubs. Call me when he wins the Cy Young.

What would the starting staff look like next year without Samardzija? We all know he dont want to sign a contract with the Cubs. We all know that he is the most valuable trade chip the Cubs have left.
Good or bad, Jackson will be back. Wood, I hope gets signed for a few years. Arrieta looks like he might have found his way in the running. Rusin has done well in his few starts, but needs to be more consistant. So, there is Wood, Arrieta, Rusin and Jackson.
Now we know the Cubs will sign a couple reclaimation projects in hope of them doing well, so as to trade them by the July trade deadline. Kazmir, still throwing at 92 mph with past success?? Ervin Santana, throwing at the same?? Jason Hammell, same at 92 MPH. Phil Hughes?? Volquez?
Then the Cubs still have Villanueva and will they resign Baker?
Not much at AAA, Brooks Raley got bombed for 7 runs last night, my opinion only, but have 0% confidence in his ability at the ML level. There is Barrett Loux who has had success at every level in the Minors, until AAA. He is currently on the DL and it could be chalked up to a injury riddled season. Then there is Hendricks, who was just promoted to AAA and after 4 starts has 3 quality starts, he might be a mid season call up.
Any other ideas or thoughts?

If I were Jed and I was trying to get Samardzija signed to a long-term deal and he was balking at the offer, I’d ask him for a list of the teams he would be willing to sign a long-term offer with, and then contact those teams ASAP.

Dont think Samardizja has that option yet, if Hoyer trades him, it can be to any team that offers the best deal.

First he doesn’t want to sign one now….doesn’t mean he won’t sign one later… Two you would get way more value for shark if he would sign a long term deal with his next club.

Petrey you could be correct, but as a GM, I would be the one making the deal. After all, if its a good deal, it makes me look good. Bad deal, makes me look bad. So in the talking stages, that would be addressed or I would just get as much value as possible and let the new club try to sign him.

Samardizja does present the most puzzling player evaluation to date. Keep him only if he signs a long term deal and we have a nice #2 or #3 starter to go along with two better FA signings in the next few years? Or trade him for as much talent as possible as Jasper so logically points out. This will be an easy situation for us fans because there is good from either outcome. I would lean toward trading him however while he his at least showing signs of excellence. For some reason (probably all the so-so performances and looooooong innings) I still don’t see him emerging as anything better than what we’ve seen this season. And I am aware of the lack of run support but still….at his age and with his health and SO capability I expected to see much more “shut down” games and NO bombs (which he has had a few).

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