Final Padres 3, Cubs 2, 15 innings

This one was bizarre. The Cubs and Padres played 12 scoreless innings, then a wacky 13th when Nate Schierholtz escaped serious injury when a ball glanced off his batting helmet after an errant throw. And Cubs outfielder Brian Bogusevic was next in line to pitch.

“It was some of the weirdest baseball games I’ve seen,” said Padres starter Andrew Cashner.

Nick Hundley smacked a walk-off RBI single with two outs in the 15th Sunday to lift the Padres to a 3-2 victory over the Cubs, ending a long day.

The Cubs took a 2-0 lead in the 13th. Pinch-hitter Darnell McDonald singled to lead off against Brad Boxberger, and reached third on a hit-and-run single by Starlin Castro. Shortstop Ronny Cedeno had shifted toward second on the play. Anthony Rizzo walked to load the bases, and Schierholtz hit a ball to first baseman Jesus Guzman, who threw home, but the ball deflected off the left side of Schierholtz’s batting helmet and hit him on the shoulder. Schierholtz was safe on the fielder’s choice, and a run scored on the error. Bogusevic then lofted a sacrifice fly to right for a 2-0 lead.

“I’ve never seen that one before,” Sveum said of the Schierholtz play.

Schierholtz was lifted after that inning but it was because he tweaked his back on the swing, and not because of the ball. He stumbled out of the batter’s box because of his back, and that may have saved him because he put his head down as he ran.

“It was just a nightmare of a play, I guess,” Schierholtz said. “I think [my back] is the reason I fell in the box.”

In the bottom of the 13th, the Padres rallied against Kevin Gregg. Guzman doubled and scored one out later on Ronny Cedeno’s triple. On Gregg’s second pitch to Alexi Amarista, the ball skipped for a wild pitch, and Cedeno scored to tie the game at 2.

Chicago loaded the bases with one out in the 15th, but the Padres got Junior Lake and Donnie Murphy to both ground out. With one out in the San Diego 15th against Hector Rondon, Logan Forsythe singled and moved up on Cedeno’s groundout. Amarista was intentionally walked, and Hundley lined a 1-1 pitch to center for the game-winner.

This was the first time since April 18, 2011, that the Cubs have played an extra inning game after not scoring a run through nine innings, and that game also was against the Padres, but played at Wrigley Field.

— Carrie Muskat


No doubt about it, the VERY best play last night was when Len and JD made sure the young boy in LF bleachers received a ball after being passed over TWICE! That is what baseball means! That is a memory the boy will hold for the rest of his life. We didn’t win the game but we won a heart!

Eh….Two balls to the same family? I dunno White, I bet if the father had one of the boys give one of their TWO balls to ANOTHER kid not privileged with such prime seats…THAT would have been the play of the game. As it stands, a crying kid in the first row was SENT (not even the ever elusive FOUL ball) a ball to make him feel better…the rich getting richer after a little crying. Geez, listen to me, the game must have really put me in a foul mood….

Joey,joey – brownies are in the oven! Do you like with or without pecans? We’ve got to keep our spirits up with these heart breaking losses. Have a better rest of the day my friend. :))

Pecans White! Plenty of pecans please! I feel better already….thanks!!

This is what Cubbies fans do so well. Lose ball games, bake brownies, lament and pull their hair. What this club needs is a Godfather who slaps the guys around and tells them, “grow up and be a man.” And hit!
Fifteen innings and all you got to show for it is another loss that continues to solidify the team’s position in the basement. And we think youth will save the day! Mighty Mouse where are you?

But these are “special” Oregon brownies Diamondjim! And what would you have us fans do when we lose so many games? It is not as if we are the ones calling the shots. We can discuss, suggest, hope, lament, but in the end we haven’t got the reins. As a Cub’s fan I can only keep cheering them on and hope for happier results AND enjoy brownies. :))

LMAO @ diamondjim. What is it you are really trying to discuss?

The fact that you knew this team was very bad and will lose alot of games? The fact you knew it, but still want to complain? Maybe you dont want to discuss anything and this is a sounding board for you & you like to depress everyone with your rants and raves.

If they White Sox could win 4 or 5 in a row, the Cubs might get the 3rd round pick next year. They are working on it.

WE FANS lose ballgames well? You’re hilarious. Some of us are a little loopy after such a miserable season but as Jasper points out, we all KNOW this is a bad team, and we know WHY. Don’t you??? At this point in the season there is no reason for damaging our draft pick slot so losses like this one are laughable yes but not all that bad. Hell, maybe Sveum is smarter than he appears and TOLD Gregg to throw a wild pitch because he thought the Padres would have won the game by then anyway???

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