8/26 Dodgers 6, Cubs 2

The Cubs couldn’t skip Zack Greinke on Monday. Greinke hit a RBI single in the fourth and held the Cubs to five hits over 8 2/3 innings, and Hanley Ramirez and Yasiel Puig each hit solo home runs to lead the Dodgers to a 6-2 victory for their 47th win in the last 59 games. The Cubs have now lost eight straight to the Dodgers. How good is Greinke? He struck out nine, and improved to 5-0 in five starts this month.

Jake Arrieta took the loss in his fourth start for the Cubs. The right-hander had faced the Dodgers April 21 in Baltimore while with the Orioles, giving up five runs on two hits and five walks over four innings. That was a different Dodger lineup, without Puig, who joined the team in June, or Ramirez, who was injured. Puig wasn’t the problem Monday for Arrieta; walks were. With one out in the Dodgers’ fourth, A.J. Ellis walked on four pitches, and one out later, Nick Punto walked on five to set up Greinke’s RBI single. Carl Crawford followed with a ground-rule double that bounced over the left field fence to open a 2-0 lead.

Arrieta walked Mark Ellis to open the sixth and he scored on Punto’s double. Arrieta was pulled, and Punto moved up on Greinke’s sacrifice against Carlos Villanueva and scored on Crawford’s sacrifice fly.

Ramirez connected on his 14th homer with one out in the seventh against Villanueva, and Puig added his 13th with two outs in the eighth off Michael Bowden.

Rizzo doubled with two outs in the ninth, Greinke hit Nate Schierholtz with a pitch, and Brian Bogusevic then drove both in with a double to chase the Dodgers starter.

— Carrie Muskat


I’m getting a feeling that either manager Dale S. is a complete rock head or he’s thrown in the towel for winning any games the rest of the season. Arrieta has a pitch count of 95 at the end of the 5 th inning. He’s been struggling from the opening bell. A. Good old Dale let’s him try to hit his way on instead of using a pinch-hitter in the top of the 6th. He strikes out. (Score is 2-0; Dodgers)
B. There is no one warming up. At least as far as Vin Scully can tell. And Scully knows more about what’s going on in a ballgame than most managers.
C. Old Dale sends Arrieta out to the mound to finish the 6th. Instead, he gets finished off and the managerial brain trusts come out and relieve him with a cold turkey, Villanueva. Villanueva which means “new village” in Spanish, and in my opinion is where the Cubs front office should send the afore mentioned pitcher until they can unload him.
D. Cubs fans again crowd into the bars after midnight, lamenting and gnashing of teeth, wondering which goat has done them in this time.
I will tell you: Dale Sveum.

Remember that the bullpen was used up quite a bit from the previous game. Dale did not have many options. I’m not defending him as I would love to see him replaces with a more insightful, intelligent manager. Like a manager that has guided some minor leagues teams to consecutive winning seasons, put in his time in the minors, has some ML coaching experience….ya’ know?
I certainly expected to see much more fundamental baseball from this guy (sac bunts, late inning defensive replacements, pinch hitters, pinch runners, DISCIPLINE, etc.) and so far it’s been rather an un-inspiring managerial performance. That’s it…UN-INSPIRING. Something Sandberg would have rectified in a heartbeat.

5 Walks 4 ER tells the story. Walks=Runs. Walks add to pitch count. If a Pitcher walks hitters, not much chance for his team to win.
Cubs hitters wont take a walk, Cubs pitchers walk opposing players.
Cubs need a hitting coach that teaches patience and a Pitching coach that can get through to Pitchers to get the ball over the plate.
How many times just this year, have Cub Pitchers started a count on an opposing player of 0 & 2. Then end up walking him. Just stop with the full counts!!!

Jasper, speaking of pitching coaches did you have the opportunity to read Marmol’s comments regarding the Dodger’s pitching coaches and how much they helped him? Then in the same article how Bosio in a lame fashion defends himself??

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