8/27 Cubs lineup

If the Cubs thought Zack Greinke was tough, on Tuesday, it’ll be even tougher as they face lefty Clayton Kershaw. No Anthony Rizzo on Tuesday. The game does mark the first time in 50 seasons that a Cubs left-handed All-Star pitcher squares off against a fellow left-handed All-Star pitcher from that same season, and the first time ever after the All-Star Game took place. In 1964, Cubs lefty Dick Ellsworth twice faced fellow southpaw All-Stars: on May 14, Ellsworth faced off against the Dodgers’ Sandy Koufax and endured a 6-4, 10-inning setback at Wrigley Field. On June 23, Ellsworth tossed a complete-game, 2-0 shutout against Philadelphia’s Chris Short, also at Wrigley Field.

Here’s the lineup:

Castro SS
Barney 2B
Navarro C
Murphy 3B
Lake CF
Ransom 1B
McDonald LF
Gillespie RF
T. Wood P


I am happy to see Rizzo out of the line up against tough LH pitchers. This is a good move on Sveum’s part.

I agree (I know it’s after the Cubs victory but still….) with you Jasper, this is one move that we should not knock Sveum for. After all, Rizzo needs some days off and he is NOT Adrian Gonzalez for crying out loud. I’m all for a new manager but this move makes sense from any direction.

Also, Sveum does not have much choice regarding the roster/subs so even though Ransom’s hitting is pathetic of late the point was to give Rizzo a day off vs. THE BEST LHP IN THE GAME and he HAD to stick Ransom at 1B, who else? Samardizja?

Now I’m positive that Dale Sveum couldn’t manage a girls softball team. Taking out Rizzo against Kershaw makes about as much sense as taking Castro out against Greinke. Notwithstanding that Dale the Dolt is giving up a very good left handed defensive first baseman for a utility 3rd baseman, and replacing him with a less than a .200 batting average in Ransom. Maybe Dizzy Dale didn’t like Rizzo talking about his not liking the 2nd spot in the line up and decided to teach the young man a lesson. Who knows or cares. I’ll put money on the fact that Rizzo will be in the majors a long time after old Dastardly Dale has been shown the door with a pink slip in his pocket and a road map to Palookaville. Hey, you management guys, how do you like having your prime investment sitting on the bench in sunny California, while your goofball of a manager tells the baseball tradition Dodgers that your future first baseman can’t hit there left-handed pitching and you don’t know talent when you think you see it. Think about it!

Now I am positive you have no idea what your talking about. Do you come in here, just to let everyone know your lack of Baseball knowledge or is it really just to put Sveum and management down?
What exactly would you do different?

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