8/27 No Rizzo vs. Kershaw

Anthony Rizzo is looking much better at the plate, which is why Dale Sveum didn’t want the first baseman to get out of whack against Clayton Kershaw.

“It’s just a good day,” Sveum said about giving Rizzo a breather Tuesday. “He’s swinging the bat much better now. I want to give him a few days off here and there, and this was a good one to give him off.”

Kershaw is holding left-handed hitters to a .148 batting average.

“He’s the best in the game,” Rizzo said of the Dodgers lefty. “It’d be kind of fun to face him. It’s a good day to take off. I get the day off today, play [Wednesday] and a day off the next day, so it’s a little blow.”

Right-handers aren’t having much luck against Kershaw either. They’re batting .191 this season.

“He’s the best in the game, he’s the best left-hander pitching in the game,” Rizzo said. “It’s someone I’d like to face. I’ve faced him before. I’ll just watch how he pitches, and one day I’m going to be facing him and I’ll be ready for it.”

— Carrie Muskat


Diamondjim23, hope you read that and noticed the LH hitters are batting .148 against Kershaw. RH hitters batting .191. Kinda tells me all hitters have a rough time against Kershaw, especially LH hitters.

Why are they making such a big deal out of Rizzo not batting against a LHP? Isn’t this what usually happens with lefties vs. lefties? Different lineup for LHP? Is this something different?

Rizzo has been consistently written into the lineups no matter who has been pitching, White. Yes, actually, it is unusual and an exception for Anthony to be scratched from facing a lefty, but this is not your common garden variety southpaw we are discussing. Kershaw is an exceptional hurler and is especially effective vs. left handed batters. Is intelligent to rest Rizzo in this instance. Kershaw`s era is miniscule, and is big reason why most baseball observers designate him as the best pitcher currently.

Yes, I read it. You can play or you can’t. Based on the malarkey that Sveum is trying to pass off, every time the Cubs face a top notch LHP, then our LHB should take the day off. Notwithstanding the win, it is a philosophy and practice that creates problems with players who are supposed to be Major League caliber and if nothing more should be given the opportunity to face “the best” and overcome whatever supposed deficiencies they have. Tell me what other ML manager believes in that kind of reasoning. Wood is no slouch as a pitcher, but you don’t see Mattingly benching Gonzales or Eithier or Crawford. And the last time I looked, the Dodgers were doing a lot better than we are in the win column. The only thing out of whack is Sveum!

What other manager does that? You are kidding, right?

I agree with all you say, however in this case with Rizzo struggling so much of late I think an occasional day off is in order so why not when facing Kershaw? This specific move is not much to ride Sveum about but in general he certainly relies way too much on varied lineups and “platoon” type of management which only makes the statement that HE is not comfortable with the “A team” players on the roster. I’m sure if Sveum had the Dodgers offensive line up even he would not tweak it to the degree we are seeing. I’m still concerned about all the shuffling of the players and what effect it may have on their confidence. Sveum seemed to have NO PROBLEM leaving Soriano in the 4 hole all of April and May when Soriano was producing offense akin to a toddler. Why not leave Castro and Rizzo in the slots they are projected to be when the rest of the young studs arrive? Because Sveum CAN FIX ANYTHING WITH A LINE UP CHANGE OR A PLATOON! That’s why. So far he’s fixed Barney, Castro, Rizzo. Let’s hope he doesn’t “fix” Lake!

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