8/27 Cubs 3, Dodgers 2

Travis Wood stole the spotlight from Clayton Kershaw, this season’s favorite for the National League Cy Young Award, as the Cubs posted a 3-2 win and snapped an eight-game losing streak to the Dodgers in front of a sellout crowd of 52,326.

“He’s the best pitcher in the game right now,” Wood said of Kershaw. “He’s an outstanding pitcher, and he had an off night tonight — on his off night, he held us to two runs. I was fortunate to go out there and make quick pitches and get quick outs.”

Dioner Navarro and Starlin Castro each hit RBI singles to hand Los Angeles’ its sixth loss in 26 games this month.

“This is the hottest team, but I think for all these guys, and especially the guys who were here last year and myself and the coaching staff, this is probably one of our most satisfying wins, that’s for sure,” Dale Sveum said.

The West Coast has not been kind to the Cubs, who went 1-18 on the road against the NL West last season. This was Chicago’s first win against Los Angeles since May 6, 2012.

Wood avoided going 0-for-August when he struck out six over seven innings for his first win since July 28. The only blemish off the Cubs lefty was a two-out RBI single by Juan Uribe in the sixth. Wood lost to the Dodgers on Aug. 2 at Wrigley Field, giving up five runs over an abbreviated 3 1/3 innings. Tuesday was much improved.

“Wood was an All-Star,” Dodgers manager Don Mattingly said. “He’s been having success by staying out of the middle of the plate. He didn’t do it in Chicago, but he did a nice job tonight.”

The key may have been the Chicago first. Kershaw needed 29 pitches to get through the inning.

“I think that was huge for us,” Navarro said of the first. “We got his pitch count up a little bit. I knew Kershaw, and I knew he was going to throw at least six innings. We did a great job as a team, it was a great group effort and we did what we were supposed to do.”

— Carrie Muskat


Congrats to Wood who matched Kershaw pitch for pitch. It’s twice as hard to do it as a visiting pitcher than at home. I wouldn’t call the win “satisfying.” I would call it “miraculous” based on the disjointed lineup that Sveum played. Let see how many more our soothsayer manager can pull out of his hat or bodily orifices before the end of the season.

Sveum tried a couple bunts last night, both failed. Barney popped up to 1st baseman, after a bunt foul attempt, Lake got hit in the hand. He sat Rizzo out against a tough LH Pitcher.
Murphy tried to steal 2nd twice, both times Lake fouled off a pitch.
I would say Sveum was in the game last night and the Cubs won. Last night was a great game by Wood, and yes joey, he has been the ace.

Jasper, well said re Sveum. If only he would have taken that approach all season (especially with Barney) and pounded away the fundamental skill of bunting, especially for the “weaker” hitters on the team that would be in a sac bunt situation more so than any other players Sveum would have garnered a little more respect from some of us fans such as myself who would love to see him fishing with Quade… I sure hope Sveum does not make being in the game a habit for the rest of the year jeopardizing our draft pick by winning an extra game or two…..🙂

Wood has no doubt grabbed the title role of #1 pitcher on this staff. What a great trade this turned out to be. Even though Wood pitched very well vs. one of the best pitchers in the game and kept the offensive Dodgers in check it is more surprising that the Cubs’ offense managed the three runs. Oh well, there goes next season’s draft pick????

Wood is and has been our best pitcher this season, but please don`t designate him as our ace. We do not have an ace. As USA Today said yesterday regarding the Atlanta Braves rotation, it is an excellent one, but it has no ace. Btw, Paul Maholm, a former Cub, is a key member of that staff.

You have to be happy for Maholm, on this Cub team he would not have made a difference. USA today can really say whatever they want about an ace, but the bottom line really is, every teams best Pitcher is that teams ace.
However, I do change my thoughts when it comes to a #1 compared to a #5. It really dont matter what slot you are put in, on any given day, whoever is starting is the #1, that day anyway.

That is why I stated #1 pitcher, not ACE. Agreed. Some teams do not have ACEs, the Cubs being one of those teams. I don’t care which of our pitchers are pitching on any given day, none are ACEs. An ACE may emerge from the likes of Wood or Samardizja but presently…not so.

I just look at it like every team has its ace. It may not be a Ace compared to Koufax, Spahn or Catfish Hunter, but its that teams best pitcher, their Ace.

I understand what you’re saying Jasper. I look at it differently. Every team has their BEST pitcher, no doubt. But I look at “ACE” as a given description akin to “5 tool player”. Every team has their BEST player but that player may not be a “5 tool player”….just THAT particular team’s best player, THAT particular team’s BEST pitcher. The Cubs unfortunately ARE THAT team…sigh. No “ACE”, no “5 tool player”.

Yes, joey, I believe I`m on the same page as yourself. Is hard to define an ace. Reminds me of Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart`s dilemma back in the sixties when it came to “obscenity.” Stewart said he could not define it, but said, “I know it when I see it.” Similarly, Wood ain`t an ace, nor is any other hurler on the Cubs. We will know when we have an ace when we see it down the road.

I believe we are!!

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