8/28 Dodgers 4, Cubs 0

Edwin Jackson ended August without a win, serving up solo home runs to Hanley Ramirez and Andre Ethier, and also made a throwing error that led to another run, as the Dodgers topped the Cubs, 4-0, on Wednesday at Dodger Stadium. Ricky Nolasco is the only starter the Cubs will face in five games who hasn’t won a Cy Young, yet he looked as if he had the trophy on his mantel. Nolasco struck out 11 and held Chicago to three hits over eight innings as the Dodgers shut out the Cubs for the third time this season.

Despite the loss, the Cubs completed their long, 15,000-plus miles of travel back and forth to the West Coast with a 12-12 record against West division teams in the American and National Leagues. Last season, they went 1-18 on the road against the NL West, but were 8-8 this season.

Jackson finished August 0-3 in five starts, giving up 19 earned runs on 38 hits over 28 2/3 innings for a 5.96 ERA in the month.

Ramirez hit a changeup for his 15th home run in the first, and Ethier made it 2-0 with his 10th home run with one out in the fourth.

What hurt was Jackson’s error in the fifth. Juan Uribe and Tim Federowicz both singled. Nolasco then bunted, and Jackson fielded the ball but bounced his throw past third baseman Cody Ransom for an error. Uribe scored on the play, and Federowicz tallied on Skip Schumaker’s single.

It’s the third time this season the Dodgers shut out the Cubs.


First, Jackson should see a Sports Psychologist and then be sent out to Iowa to work on rehabbing his pitch selection and location. Everybody else has Cy Young candidates when they pitch against us. Are you telling me we don’t have a good arm somewhere in the farm system to replace this bum? Now we know why he has so many ML stickers on his suitcase!
Second, I’m not sure who is giving hitting instructions to Lake, but the next time I see him wiggle his bat and whiplash his head all around the place, I swear I will throw a roll of duct tape from the stands and hit him with it. Hey, Junior, keep the bat and head still or you’ll be on the same bus with Jackson looking at the cornfields in Iowa.

Are you ok Diamondjim23? It’s gonna be OK….we just gotta keep thinking…two years, two years, two years.

Have you already been eating your brownies today, joey? :)). Good! I too have wondered about Lake’s approach at the plate. When he first came to Wrigley he was a hitting machine – not so much now. Same with Murphy. What is even more apparent is that our entire offense has gone DEAD. Which leads me to believe that the core problem is with the coaching, not the players. Have they all been “tweaked” to death? Just wondering —

I HAVE!! Thanks for your sincere concern White. I’ll have to try to take my own advice I gave to Diamond…..we just need to WAIT, enjoy baseball for the sake of BASEBALL ENJOYMENT. In time I believe all will work out, players will be replaced with better players and managers and coaches will also be replaced….in time. Will it be OUR time however?? Who knows. I’m just going to try to enjoy the GAME. I know for sure I will enjoy watching Sandberg’s career as a ML manager no matter what team!!! GO PHILLIES!! (YES, even vs. our beloved Cubs…WE NEED THE DRAFT PICK!! Sandberg and his Fitgintin’ Phils can help us help ourselves). GO PHILS!!

That analysis of both made me smile, Diamondjim. Jackson proves the point that a pitcher having good stuff is just part of being a success. Knowing how to utilize that stuff is the key. He has no clue. Wishing for Lake to receive effective hitting instruction from our current coaches is problematical. Look how they`ve failed with all the other underachievers on our roster. He`s more likely to profit from your advice than anything those coaches may tell him.

Thanks jhosk. I may sound harsh at times, but when I see talent being wasted because somewhere along the line the theory that the basic fundamentals of the game are irrelevant and that personal style is better and more productive, it is frustrating. I wish I were in a position to make them understand why that isn’t so. As you can see, joeythefish thinks I should wait. Be patient, I guess. To me, the word WAIT is a four letter word that Cubs fans have for too long been willing to embrace and which management has been a willing partner in. I can wait and be patient only when I see that we are moving forward, not when I see us standing still, or worse, regressing. In the end, when players reach the ML level, most of the time it’s 90% mental and 10% talent to be consistently good at what they do. The key is to do it between the lines. The rest is just frosting.

Jhosk, I only suggested patience for your own tranquility. As you can determine from my MANY comments I too have HAD IT with most of the goings on at the Friendly Confines but I have concluded to my dismay I am not to change anything. My suggestion of waiting stems from the idea that Epstein MUST see what we see, including the inept style of his manager and coaches and that he will be prepared to replace THOSE employees as he is currently replacing the minor league player employees. Assuredly, Epstein CAN’T like the idea of leaving Sveum and his cronies in charge of the FUTURE Cubs which he and Hoyer have so painstakingly amassed?
Can he??? YIKES!!!

Joey, I witch you. I certainly wouldn’t put myself in the same room with Epstein who holds all the cards. And his track record speaks for itself in Boston. But, Chicago isn’t Boston and Boston didn’t have another team across town to deal with either. And I’m not saying Cubs fans would be Sox fans or vice versa. That’s not in the blood. What I am saying is that based on just what we have on the field now, we could be winning ballgames we are losing by implementing a different philosophy of how to win. There are some managers who can take a ball club from being no contenders to contenders. But they can’t finish and get the prize. Then there are managers who can take a pennant contender and drive them home, but don’t have the personality to work with young players. What we have now is a hodge podge of players, mainly youthful who need some cajoling, some discipline and a lot of instruction. You can have all the tools you need, but if you can’t use them properly, you ain’t going to fix that leak, brother. And I don’t think they are being used properly. That’s all.

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