8/28 Extra bases

* After going 6-4 (.600) in their first 10 games after the All-Star Break, the Cubs are 8-21 (.276) in their last 29 games starting July 29. They have lost eight of their last 11 games overall and return to Wrigley Field on Friday having lost 16 of their last 19 home games.

* After facing former Cy Young winners in back-to-back games this week in Los Angeles (Zack Greinke and Clayton Kershaw), the Cubs will do so again this weekend when facing Philadelphia’s Roy Halladay on Friday and Cliff Lee on Saturday, giving the Cubs a match-up against a Cy Young Award winner four times in a five-game span. Wednesday’s game is the exception.

* The Cubs have played exactly 66 games at home and 66 games on the road. The Cubs are six games better on the road this season than at home, posting a 25-41 record at Wrigley Field and a 31-35 record on the road.

* Overall, the Cubs have an 12-11 mark in the home ballparks of teams that play in the NL or AL West this year. A season ago, the Cubs went 1-18 in NL West ballparks, including losses in their first 18 games before winning their final NL West game at Arizona on Sept. 30.


Sorry. Totally irrelevant info. Bottom line is a regression in productive talent and overall win vs loss record. BTW, you should ask old Dale S. if Rizzo and Schierholtz are going to start against Cliff Lee. If I were Lee, I would be really put off and insulted if the answer is ” yes.” In his last 15 days, his ERA is 1.80. Better than Kershaws.

Might be a good idea there Diamondjim23, I hope Dale S takes that into consideration. You finally stated something I agree with.

Thanks. We probably agree on more things than not.

I’m honored Jasper. We probably agree on more things than not. My presence on this site is to stir Cubs fans out of their malaise and resignation as “could have, should have been’s” and into the positive thinking through negative commentary on what I see as a lot of baseball superlative speak to placate most of us into amnesia. Sometimes that commentary is cutting, but it is done for effect and thoughtful resolution to the problem at hand. Thanks for your comment.

I dont think we agree on much Diamondjim, your posts and the way they are worded makes me wonder if you know baseball.
Your words also remind me of a guy that used to post here under the ID of mama mia.

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