8/28 Looking ahead …

The Cubs play host to the Phillies and Ryne Sandberg this weekend at Wrigley Field. Here are the pitching matchups:

Friday: RHP Jeff Samardzija (8-11, 4.03) vs. RHP Roy Halladay (3-4, 7.81)
Saturday: LHP Chris Rusin (2-3, 2.64) vs. LHP Cliff Lee (11-6, 3.07)
Sunday: RHP Jake Arrieta (1-1, 4.50) vs. RHP Kyle Kendrick (10-11, 4.40)


The real matchup is Sandberg vs. Sveum. All the rest is smoke and mirrors. If Cubbies take the series, then Sveum maybe safe for at least the first half of the 2014 season. If Phillies sweep, Sveum may have to take the first train back to Milwaukee and hang around the Miller pub until the north side cools down.

So are you saying the players have nothing to do with the game? Its just Sandberg versus Sveum?
Your saying that the Cubs should win despite facing two Cy Young winners and Sveum has none? Are you trying to tell US that the Cubs are equal in talent to the Phillies and the games will come down to managers?
You sir are not baseball savy, at all! Thankfully you are just an average fan that thinks his (not much talent) team should be in competition for the WS and its all the managers fault!
I would still take Sveum over any ex Cub as manager when Sveum was given the job.
Think about it, ( just once ) what would you be saying about your hero Sandberg if he had to manage this team the last 1.5 years? You would be dogging him too.
If I blame Sveum for anything, its hiring friends for his staff. The best people for the job, not friends. They had a very good hitting coach in Jaramillo. Now they have an assistant hitting coach in Rob Deer.

So you are saying Sandberg is not YOUR hero? Just Diamonds? KIDDING!!
But really Jasper, you may want to think about it (as many times as needed) how can you say (predict?) that if Sandberg were the Cubs manager the past 1.5 years Diamond (myself, and others) would not be praising him for MAINTAINING Castro as a near .300 hitter? For helping Rizzo achieve his predicted potential? For not allowing Barney to suffer a near .200 average?
All “coincidental” circumstances under Sveum? I think not. I admit that I too cannot say (predict?) Sandberg would have had the SAME roster perform better…but…I am not the on to come on this blog and state Diamond would be dogging Sandberg too….because there is no way to know, and you know that. Blaming Sveum for hiring his friends for his staff IS reason enough to dog him. You mention you would take Sveum over any ex-Cub as manager WHEN GIVEN the job (almost two years ago), I would like to know your stance on Sveum NOW.
I for one would have preferred Sandberg THEN as well as now and certainly for the future.
I don’ buy into him as an Ex-Cub for any reason or qualification, I believe him to be a very good manager, mentor AND motivator of young talent and that is what the Cubs are and WILL BE comprised of. Sounds to me Sandberg WAS the obvious choice over Sveum, if Epstein could have seen BEYOND the Cub logo. BTW, I agree that talent trumps management during the Phils-Cubs series but that does NOT eliminate the possibility of Sveum actually losing a game…

Sorry joey, dont agree. I am very happy Sandberg found a managers job, also happy it was not in Chicago. I do not have any hero’s at my age. Sandberg was a great Cub, HOF’er, great memories, but he got well paid in that era for doing his job.
I dont owe him anything but a thank you.

I agree with you and we will never know. The jury is still out on Sveum until mid 2014. I truly hope he succeeds. On paper the Phils are much better than the Cubs and are showing it in the last ten games. Even if the Phils come in and take 2 or three it is not a fair comparison.

This is Poppy. What do I have in my magic bag of tricks today? Everyone and their mothers might want Ryan Sandburg to be the head coach of the Cubbies, but you want to know why it’s good that he’s not? Two words for you: William Cartwright. Back when the Bulls were winning championships on a regular basis, Billy Cartwright was the Shaq of the team. Blocking shots, getting rebounds, being an overall force to be reckoned with, he was doing it all. Then he retired and some basketball Einstein decided to make him the manager and what happened? He stunk, everyone who loved him now hated him, and he got canned before you can say Dikembe Mutumbo. Last I heard, he’s coaching a Junior High basketball team in Oklahoma. Ohhhh how the mighty have fallen. On the other hand, Bruce Bochy had never set foot in the city of San Francisco until Opening Day of the first year he managed the Giants and now he’s won 2 World Series rings. So why do we want a hero to manage the Cubs? He’ll just become public enemy #1 just like Cartright. Let’s find a guy who has never even heard of Chicago and make him the manager. What works for Bruce Bochie should work double for the Cubs. And that’s a rap.

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