8/28 Sveum ejected

Cubs manager Dale Sveum was ejected in the first inning Wednesday for arguing a checked swing call during Dodgers leadoff batter Yasiel Puig’s at-bat. The count was 2-2, and Chicago starter Edwin Jackson thought the Dodgers outfielder had gone around on the next pitch, a fastball, rather than check his swing in time. Sveum challenged the call, and was ejected by first base umpire Lance Barksdale. It was Sveum’s sixth ejection this season, and the earliest.

— Carrie Muskat


Well Sveum was right. – that was a swing! Maybe not worth getting ejected so early in the game BUT this home plate ump looks to be blind. He just called Ransom out on a definite ball! Could get ugly?

Castro & Barney K to start off the game. Last night Rizzo had a strike called on a very questionable strike call. Puig should have been K’ed but the umpires dont call it.
Its very possible the Umpires are pissed at the Cubs for some reason and not being totally fair.
Good for Sveum for bringing it to their attention. They have all been bad all year.

Yeah, good for Sveum….oooh….big man!!

lol joey, you would not have said or done anything? You have 25 guys looking at you to do something and?
Thats one of those situations where you do something or lose whatever respect you have left. He did the right thing.

LOL right back at you. Sure I would have done something but nothing so too little, too late or obviously contrived. Don’t assume I would have done nothing Jasper. It’s been LOL all season regarding WHEN Sveum does anything. A manager put on a contrived show, that’s all it was.
How long did THAT take?

It was a bad call, but no worthy of getting an ejection especially in the rubber game of a series against a club that as given the Cubs a lot of trouble. But the race track is open, maybe he’ll have better luck there.
I believe that there must have been some kind of agreement between the Umpires Union and MLB to start calling the low strike below the knees. It has become more evident this year on some of the impossible to hit low ball called strikes. The call on Ransom on the 3-2 pitch revealed that the home plate umpire is clueless. With 1st base open, runners on 2nd & 3rd and the pitcher on deck, it was obvious that the Dodger pitcher was trying to keep the ball out of the strike zone.
I’ll guarantee you Puig was pulled for ” attitude” after he struck out. Mattingly won’t put up with that crap and neither should we.

Thats just wrong Diamondjim, blaming him going to the race track.
You are right on the Strike Zone though, especially against the Cubs.

It’s obvious that most of you who post are much younger than I, so let me enlighten you. Getting early ejections was a favorite pastime of Leo Durocher so he could meet up with his Hollywood friends ( his wife was the actress Lorraine Day) and go to the race track and play the horses. That is what I was referring to. There is a funnier side to the story, but I won’t bother you with it. Suffice it to say, good old Dale can make a mountain out of a mole hill, but can’t find a lineup that makes sense.

This is Poppy. Here’s what I’ve got to tell ya. Managers get ejected all the time, dumbos. Just because it happened in the first inning doesn’t mean jack squat. I remember one time Lloyd Maclendon got ejected in the parking lot when he stole Country Joe West’s parking spot. I even heard a story, although I have yet to confirm if it’s true or not, that Connie Mack got ejected in the team hotel because he admitted to the home plate umpire of that days game that he didn’t brush his teeth that morning. Keep in mind, I have not confirmed if that is true or not, but I do know they really cared about dental hygiene back in the 1940s. So don’t get all huffy puffy and I’ll put this one to bed myself.

LMAO Poppy.

Dale was right on this call. I doubt he would ever challenge this and waste a challenge just in case the goofy umpire still can’t see and won’t reverse the call. Not that there are challenges yet, but hopefully soon. Next year,

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