8/30 Ryno back at Wrigley



That photo is just….SO WRONG….

It’s the best I could do …

A little Photo editing and we can switch uniforms! Ba Da Bing!!!

Welcome back, Ryno. You are not a miracle worker. That`s what it would take to make either of these presently constituted rosters into a winner. Both teams are bottom feeders. Want to pay tribute to Frank Pulli who passed yesterday. Was my favorite umpire by leaps and bounds. There was no doubt about a strike call with Frank. He was emphatic and immediate with the raising of his right arm on stike calls, moreso than any other arbiter I`ve observed, and he knew the stike zone and was consistent, unlike present day ump Tim McClelland, for example, who takes forever to indicate his recognition of strikes, or Tom Hallion whose strike zone I almost always disagree with. Is a pity we never saw Frank Pulli after the 1999 season, as he took part in that 2000 work stoppage which backfired on his brethren and himself.

An organization is as good as the company it keeps and how it treats past players who have contributed to it’s positive image.- DJ23
In this case, it missed the strike zone!

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