9/2 Cubs lineup

Travis Wood takes the mound Monday for the Cubs against the Marlins, and looks to become the first Cubs lefty since 1970 to record at least 22 quality starts in a season. Wood’s 21 quality efforts are tied for fourth most by a Cubs left-hander in a single season since 1921 with Ted Lilly (2008 and 2009).

Since 1921, Dick Ellsworth’s 29 quality starts in 1963 pace Cubs left-handers. Ken Holtzman had 25 quality starts in 1970 and Larry French had 23 quality starts in 1935. Wood is tied for fourth in the Majors with 21 quality starts, two off Clayton Kershaw’s big league lead.

Here’s the lineup:

Castro SS
Valbuena 3B
Rizzo 1B
Navarro C
Schierholtz RF
Sweeney LF
Lake CF
Barney 2B
T. Wood P


Happy Labor Day to all! Ready for a win again today. Seems we have a different lineup every day. Hope this one works as well as yesterday’s. Eamus Catuli.

Please i just turned 50 yesterday i just turned 51 watching that last inning!Please bunt Barney,and let a pitcher who is actually a decent hitter put the ball in play.Possibly a tie game but unfortunately the same results.Oh well theres always next year right die hard cub fans,AAARGH!

Barney leaves guys on base – he’s a loser leper. Barney gets left on base several times in the Phillie series, no big deal – the others smell like roses. Rizzo just left a guy on base in the 5th – no big deal – Rizzo is a rose, Barney is a weed. Getting pretty tired of the Barney bashing.

White…..maybe you need some brownies now too? I don’t read it as Barney bashing either. Good managers will try to produce a run (sac bunt, pinch hit etc.) when one of the weakest hitters is in a situation that calls….no, BEGS for it. NOTHING against Barney….EVERYTHING against Sveum. Barney is fine for up to six innings or more IF we have the lead. No lead means we need more OFFENSE late in the game, time to pinch hit for our Barney. When Rizzo leaves a man on base hit is not good either however look at Rizzo’s RBI production, HE CAN drive in a run at any given time and has homerun potential, big difference. OK, I’m done, but I don’t consider this Barney bashing…It’s Sveum swearing!!!

I could use the whole batch of brownies today, joey! Bad day all around – MS issues which we are not allowed to talk about and then a losing game. Arghh. I look at the RBI stats and see that the ONLY 2 players who have higher RBI stats are Rizzo and Schierholtz and that is taking into consideration that Barney joined the team 2 weeks late due to injury. That is why I don’t like his being put on the block every time he doesn’t get a run in. He even has more RBI’s than our “60 million dollar” Castro. So I will console myself with chocolate or whatever helps and try to stop my ranting. Take my own advice – chill and enjoy the games. :))

i personally wasnt bashing Barney just the play calling.I like Barney,how much flack do you think a guy named Dick Greene got on the early 70s winning world series titles with the Oakland As and batting the Mendoza line.What do you know,theres another low batting ave. guy with a series ring!Just play management or lack of!

White is very defensive about Barney for some reason. The fact is, he is awful at the plate. There is no doubt about that, maybe he can find a hitting coach over the winter to help him.
Very obvious the Cubs dont have one.

I think Barney is well worth the investment of trying to augment his hitting and I think the Cubs should be ashamed they have stood idly by and watched this very good player with a Gold Glove suffer to the tune of a .219 ba not to mention the two long term “Golden Boys” Rizzo and Castro suffering as well. The entire coaching staff, ESPECIALLY THE MANAGER AND HITTING COACH should be re-evaluated over the winter and replaced. Imagine next season if Barney and his BRILLIANT, GOLD GLOVE defense can hit over .260 HOW VALUABLE HE WOULD BE THEN.

I feel the on field leadership has let those three players down also joey and have mentioned it several times.

Excuse me,just play management of baseball cause theres a lack of it.

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