9/2 Marlins 4, Cubs 3

Travis Wood served up two home runs, including a three-run shot to pitcher Henderson Alvarez, as the Marlins beat the Cubs, 4-3, on Monday. Wood was making his 28th start, a career high, and gave up four runs over seven innings. The Cubs scored all of their runs in the first and that was it. Starlin Castro, Luis Valbuena and Anthony Rizzo hit consecutive singles in the Chicago first against Alvarez, tying the game when Castro scored on Rizzo’s hit. Dioner Navarro followed with another RBI single and Nate Schierholtz added a sacrifice fly for a 3-1 lead. Alvarez had to leave the game because of tightness in his hamstring.

Wood missed in his bid for his 22nd quality start. The last Cubs left-hander to reach that figure was Ken Holtzman, who totaled 25 in 1970. Since 1921, Dick Ellsworth’s 29 quality starts in 1963 pace Cubs lefties.

The Cubs now have lost 18 of their last 23 home games, and are 5-15 in one-run games at Wrigley Field. Chicago has not won three in a row at home since a four-game streak, July 6-9.


How many ground ball double plays will Barney hit into before Svuem even CONSIDERS a sac bunt or (God forbid) a pinch hitter. Allowing the game to end with the tying run on 1B because Sveum relies on Barney’s “Ruthian” RBI prowess is absurd, especially with an expanded roster at his disposal. Did he not hit into TWO ground ball DPs today? Sveum HAS to be going for the draft pick right? He CAN’T be this bad….can he????

You dont have to justify your opinion of Barney. He has the worst OBP of all 2B men in baseball. He has had an awful year and he would not even be a back up on most teams. He has no trade value after this year.
Everyone likes his defense.

Hitters who left men on base today:
Lake – twice
Schierholtz – twice
Shall we use pinch hitters for all of them?

Of course not. I hope to remain objective. Lake is batting over .300, Wood is the PITCHER (not expected to drive in runs but keep us in the game from the mound, Schierholtz and Rizzo…over 20 HR’s each. White, I am not bashing Barney but the reasoning of Sveum keeping Barney in the game during certain situations. Obviously Sveum is just on autopilot for the the season because he has the FO’s blessing, win or lose. I think lose is the more desirable objective considering one more year of high draft picks. I am hoping this MO changes come 2015 as well as the manager.

The 3 leaders in RBI’s to date: Rizzo, Schierholtz, Barney.

Very true! Nice one White. Barney is edging out Castro with his 39 to 37 lead in RBI. However, you do realize of course that although in the top three for team RBI leaders the “team” is the Cubs? And 39 RBI is not a good number to justify Sveum allowing Barney to swing away in situations that CALL for a sac bunt right? I find it odd that more often than not I see Barney hitting ground ball after ground ball, a lot of which are turned for easy DP’s. I like Barney and he will make a great late inning defensive sub but I want to see the future at 2B as well as at 3B
and the outfield. Fair Is fair.

How about this White,project the at bats of Barney playing almost full time compared to Woods at bats playing every 5th day.Add them up,Barney putting down a bunt yesterday to advance runners,giving Woods a chance to sac.fly is by far not a bad decision. He did fly out deep enough to score a run but we would never know would we considering the cubs management.Small ball may have won the game yesterday and i think many more games this year.Once again not bashing Barney just management.

Exactly Kenly cub. When Lake received the Walk in the 9th inning with one out yesterday, I told my wife, he better be running on the very first pitch. He didnt, game over.

This could be a very interesting off season.Lets get it started by possible manager replacements.Sciosia,Riggleman,may i say possibly ROB (watch out its hunting season were i am at)DEER!

Just my opinion, but (I have been writing for a month now) that Deer is the common denominator. OBP’s of Rizzo, Barney and Castro way down. It is possible Lake has heard too much in his short time also.

To short of time so far for Lake,just could have been on that tear,but all of the home runs and extra base hits they have leads you back to fundamental ball.600 ft. home runs are awesome but laying done a bunt with a sac fly in many situations this year gets some of those 1 run games back.I thought Rowson was the hitting coach though,oh well change is needed!

Rowson is the hitting coach and did pretty well last year. Deer was hired as the assistant hitting coach, OBP’s go way down. Whats the common denominator?
Besides, Deer is Sveums good friend, well documented. Who do you think Sveum listens too, Rowson or Deer?

Do you think one of the infamous hunting trips might be on tap this offseason?

Not to much on hunting, however I think Deer needs to be asked to resign. I also think it was a HUGE mistake firing Jaramillo last year. He taught patience, look for your pitch in certain situations.
So Jaramillo gets fired, Rowson gets promoted as hitting coach from AAA. Things still went ok until Deer is hired, then all the young players averages and OBP’s drop, I mean really drop.

We were informed recently by Carrie that Theo and company back Sveum 100%. Therefore, there is zero chance that the manager will be sacked. The Cubs could lose every game next season under Sveum`s tutelage and the man would remain in place, is what that means apparently. I do not like it any more than you all, but Dale is in it for the long haul, meaning the five years of the plan. If it does not work out, Theo and Hoyer and Sveum will all be jettisoned together. Am I wrong?

Maybe you are wrong….isn’t Sveum signed for only 3 years? Maybe Epstein IS smart enough to realize a sacrificial manager was needed during the first three years of the plan while none of the “PREMIERE” talent is on the ML roster. THEN….Sveum gets replaced with a much smarter and capable manager in 2015 when much more valuable talent shows up and Epsteiin will not risk the new talent in the hands of Sveum? Maybe? Huh? Maybe right? sigh…we can hope…it’s what we do.

I did not know the manager`s contract expires at the end of 2014 season. Thanks for that. It still seems to me that Theo is enamored of Sveum for some reason which escapes myself and many of you all, and unless Dale “messes the bed” to the extreme next season, I am apprehensive that the current manager will be extended the two successive years of the plan.

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