9/4 Cubs 9, Marlins 7

Starlin Castro, Dioner Navarro and Ryan Sweeney each hit solo home runs and Donnie Murphy smacked a two-run go-ahead blast in the seventh to lift the Cubs to a 9-7 victory Wednesday over the Marlins at Wrigley Field, and avoid being swept. The Cubs now have hit 94 home runs at Wrigley Field, tied with the Orioles for the most at home. But Chicago won at Wrigley for the sixth time in the last 25 games.

Chicago starter Jeff Samardzija did not get a decision. He struck out nine over six innings, and now has 190 Ks this season, which ranks among the National League leaders. He also served up two home runs, a two-run shot by Logan Morrison, and a grand slam to Adeiny Hechavarria.

Sweeney connected with one out in the sixth, but Donovan Solano tripled to open the Miami seventh and scored on a throwing error by Navarro for a 7-4 lead. Chicago had two on and none out in the seventh, and both scored on Navarro’s single down the left field line off A.J. Ramos. Ryan Webb took over, and Murphy sent the first pitch into the left field bleachers. Murphy was now batting .333 (11-for-33) from the seventh inning on, with six home runs and 10 RBIs.

“I’ve come through in those situations before and for some reason I’m comfortable in them,” Murphy said. “It’s not pressure on me, it’s the pitcher who has to throw the ball over the plate.”

Plus, he had a slight edge. He played with Webb on the Marlins.

“I have the luxury of playing with those guys,” Murphy said. “I know he’s a sinker ball guy. I didn’t want to get beat with a sinker ball. I was looking for a first sinker, and he gave it to me, and I put a good swing on it.”

Webb knew Murphy, too.

“He did exactly what I wanted him to, swing at a two-seamer, and he just got underneath it,” Webb said. “It doesn’t happen too often but I missed my spot. I was trying to go down and away, and I went down and in, right where he was looking for it, I guess.”

— Carrie Muskat


The shark has become TOOTHLESS.

I cannot understand why they DFA’d Gillespie and NOT McDonald. Gillespie has a higher batting average, more HR’s and is a better fielder than McDonald. Good game today anyway.

I agree White. Not going to miss either of them but I would have preferred to keep Gillespie over Old McDonald E I E I Oh!!!

Lets think about that, Theo/Jed in office less than two years. Three of the Cubs Minor League teams make the PlayOff’s. Building from the bottom up does take time, you are being very impatient.
Have you looked at the playoff Box Scores the last two days? Have you looked at the STATS from the players received from the Garza, Dempster, Marshall, Campana, trades?
Have you looked at the STATS from the players signed from the last two DRAFTS?
Have you paid attention to all the International signings?
Then you mention Gillespi and McDonald. I have to LMAO at that. Who cares? The Cubs must put guys on the field until youngsters are ready. McDonald and Gillespi have no upside, they are just bodies to get the team through the season.
In fact, Sweeney, Gillespi, McDonald, Murphy. Bogusevic, Ransom, Valbuena, Schierholtz, Navarro are all just hanging on. Navarro & Schierholtz just happen to have decent seasons. Thats why they were signed, a GAMBLE, affordable gambles.
Jackson and Villanueva, same thing. The difference being, they get innings, if either would have had the really good season that Cubs Management gambled on, they would have been gone at the trading dead line.
Crying over Gillespi versus McDonald?? LMAO

YOU think about that Jasper as you have waaaay too much time on your hands. It’s only McDonald and Gillespie we were COMMENTING about NOT CRYING OVER. Big deal, glad you had fun “dissecting” such a trivial matter. I’m sure White is now LHAO too because of your comment pointing out the obvious…I know I am…

Glad we all had a good laugh joey. lol If a certain person is just interested in players from Oregon, maybe that person should be rooting for someone with some upside, like Rosscup.
Hitting coach or assistant hitting coach has Barney all messed up and Gillespi versus McDonald? Niether matters this year, thats a fact. lol

While we are waiting for the “youngsters” I am enjoying rooting for the team we have on the field now. And, yes, I will miss watching Gillespie who was doing a rather fine job in RF. I remember last season – everyone was clamoring “bring up the youngsters”!! Vitters, Jackson, etc. etc. How did that work out? Not so good! Now everyone is repeating the “bring up the youngsters” theme yet again. We have some fine minor league players – yes – BUT can we expect them to be the saviors of the Cubs? Let’s be a little realistic with our expectations. Out of the whole group there may be only a small success rate in the bigs. The grass is not always greener . . . .

Sometimes a player is his own worst enemy. You mention Jackson.
Have you looked at Jacksons stats this year? Have you paid attention to his attitude? Lets start with him sticking up for Stewart earlier in the season, remember? He knew management was having a hard time with Stewart, then opens his big mouth and states, Stewart is one of the best team mates I ever had.
Then he starts with a very poor season, then gets injured. Upon coming back, Management wants to send him to AA. He once again opens his big mouth about not wanting to go to AA. So they send him to AZL to get a few At Bats, guess where he ends up? AA
He still cant hit, not at AAA or AA. He is young enough to get it together, he just needs to concentrate on hitting the ball, being a team mate and STFU.

Last year’s brief youth movement may have worked out better than you think White as the players brought up were given a shot at impressing….they did not. So from that brief encounter the organization can now determine the obvious need to find other solutions such as Bryant, Olt, Soler, Almora etc and now Vitters and Jackson may not be “cultivated” with such effort as the others. If they were not brought up to find this out the organization might be headed in a different and false direction.

Joey, I dont even think you believe they are headed in a false direction. I did not mention Vitters for a reason. With his health problems this year, he still done well when he did play. He, like Jackson is still very young. They both still have potential.
I can still see Vitters making the ML roster as a back up at 3rd and playing first when facing tough LH pitching. What is holding Vitters back is injuries, it seems like every year there is an injury. My opinion only, but he did not have enough At Bats this year to get a SEP call up.
Jackson, he needs to look at himself and make a decision with the main question; What all am I doing wrong? Then fix it!

Jasper, on the contrary I completely believe they are headed in the right direction and part of being pointed in the right direction is due to the brief call up of both Vitters and Jackson. Both of whom have fallen back in the depth charts and both of whom will not be a big (or any) part of the Cubs ML future and will more than likely be included in trades. To relegate Vitters to a bench roll is insignificant and a non-factor. In other words, Vitters and Jackson may sadly be joining the ranks of McDonald and Gillespie…. or Colvin and LeMehue…

I get what you are saying joey and understand. I just hate to give up on guys so young and talented. It is possible, they wake up one day and just get it.
However I have no doubt you are 100% correct, they will be traded. like Colvin, who many had high hopes for, cleared waivers, he was taken off the Rockies 40 man roster today and sent to the Minors. Nobody else wanted him.

WOW, that’s really too bad about Colvin….sounds like EXACTLY the type of player Epstein would have picked up!! Ha ha ha…. another “reclamation” project! I was one of those many that had high hopes for Colvin. I can’t help but think after being impaled in the chest he was somewhat overlooked by the Cubs’ manager and never got his act together again. Still young enough to re-emerge. I’m pulling for the young man.

Same thing happened to Sappelt today and if he cleared waivers, It could very well happen to Gillespie also. The Cubs will probably keep Sappelt in the minors, he is only 26. Do you think they would keep Gillespie or just release him?

I bet with all the surplus “talent” the organization has, well enough to cover any “fill-in” type of ML service, they will release Gillespie. Just my guess, I guess!

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