9/6 Dressed in style


The Wrigley Field grounds crew is dressed in Zubaz pants today.

(Thanks to Cubs for photo)


Cool! Fun! Everyday would be fine!:))

This is Poppy. Want some candy corn? I remember a time when I wore pants like that. It was 1983 and I was the King of Rush Street. I could walk across the street anytime I wanted and the cars would stop for me, even if the light was green or yellow. People would ask me, “Poppy, how come everyone knows you here?” and I would tell them, “It’s because I’m King Poppy of Rush Street. All hail the king!” Those were the days.

Hey, Poppy, maybe a little too much poppy, eh? Personally I think the Cubbies might try using the fabric for uniform pants. We could use a distraction for awhile, at least until we can find a manager who can make out a lineup that makes sense.

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