9/6 Roster moves

Outfielder Dave Sappelt, who was designated for assignment on Monday to make room for Zac Rosscup, cleared waivers and was assigned outright to Triple-A Iowa on Thursday. On Friday, the Cubs announced that right-hander pitcher Michael Bowden and outfielder Cole Gillespie, who were both designated for assignment on Wednesday, had also cleared waivers and were assigned outright to Iowa’s roster.


Very good news that the Cubs get to keep both Sappelt & Bowden. At the least they are cleared off the 40 man roster, then maybe they have that chance making it back.

I was surprised that Bowden was sent packing. I think Sappelt had other issues. Interesting that they both cleared waivers. What’s going on out there?

This is Poppy. TGIF, and I don’t mean Full House and Family Matters. The thing with Sappelt and Bowdoin is, neither one is good enough to be in the Majors, but at AAA they are freakin Baby Ruth and Chrissy Masterson, respectively. What really needs to happen is the Cubs need to create a AAAA team. Put them in Rockford, call em the Peaches, and have them travel the country like the Harlem Avenue Globetrotters. They’ll play exhibitions against anyone who wants to play them, and put their skills to good use. Bowdoin can even work on his trick behind the back pitch because HEY, you’ve got to have some showmanship if you want to make it in AAAA. Poppy, out.

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