9/9 Cubs lineup vs Reds

Travis Wood takes the mound Monday for the Cubs against the Reds. Here’s the lineup:

Castro SS
Valbuena 3B
Rizzo 1B
Navarro C
Schierholtz RF
Sweeney CF
Bogusevic LF
Barney 2B
T.Wood P


No Lake again today. I wonder if his angry confrontation with the ump calling him out at 2nd the other day may be why. His anger management needs to be addressed again?

Maybe considering arroyo over his career has a .284/.340.485 slash line against lefties and a .232/.287.379 slash line vs righties, he sale just wanted as many left handed bats in there as possible

I would rather know if Lake can hit tuff righties. I don’t see the other two being here for the long haul.

That makes too much sense Doug. We are talking about Sveum here….

I think sweeney has just as good a shot as lake does at being a regular next year. He was great before he got hurt and it looks like he’s still swinging the bat pretty well. I think he should be getting as much playing time as possible for now. And I have nothing against lake I think he has a shot at being a great player but to be honest I don’t see either as an everyday player in the future. That’s not saying they’re useless but they’re not gonna be stars either

Sweet win. Castro is worrisome. How long does a “slump” last? Why is he leadoff man? Sweeney is doing just fine. Glad he is back. I hope Navarro is okay. It looked as if he injured his ankle again. Fun game to watch and win.

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