9/9 Extra bases

* The Cubs begin an 11-game road trip Monday, their longest since Sept. 16-26, 2004, when Hurricane Frances forced the rescheduling of a three-game set in Miami. The storm created a 12-game, 11-day trip through Cincinnati, Florida, Pittsburgh and New York.

* The Cubs have lost 14 of their last 21 games overall.

* Travis Wood enters Monday’s game with a 3.17 ERA and joins fellow southpaw Chris Rusin (2.89 ERA) in the Cubs rotation to give the team two southpaws with an ERA below 3.20. If they maintain that pace, they will become the first two left-handers to make at least 10 starts and each turn in an ERA of 3.80 or less in the same year for the first time in 46 years when Rich Nye (3.20 ERA, 30 starts) and Ken Holtzman (2.53 ERA, 12 starts). Since Holtzman and Nye, only once in the next 45 seasons have the Cubs had at least two left-handers make 10 starts and each record an ERA below 4.00, when in 2007 Ted Lilly (3.83 ERA, 34 starts) and Rich Hill (3.92 ERA, 32 starts) accomplished the feat.


Has anyone thought to ask Sveum why he thinks it’s a good idea to start 2 left handed pitcher’s back to back instead of mixing in a right hander to give the Reds a different look? I thought so Our only creativity is adding guys to the roster who have difficulty throwing a good 7 innings or closing out. And you wonder why my posts have a negative tone. I’m just getting started!

Why bother asking Sveum anything??? He’s clearly in over his head. He is quoted in the paper today regarding the Red’s speedster Hamilton (I think that’s the kid’s name…) about how valuable he is and mentioned TONY CAMPANA as the same type of player. A guaranteed stolen base late in games that will help a team win….yet when he HAD Campana on HIS team he continually under-used him hardly ever pulling any of his “star” outfielders (Soriano, Dejesus) from the game. If anybody has read today’s paper you will know what I’m talking about. We are close to setting a franchise record for home losses, even with a limited offensive roster Sveum (any manager) would have to be held accountable for a handful of those losses due to inept managing thereby CONTRIBUTING to such a horrendous season and near home loss record. (could be broken by Sveum’s Lames)

My fav. Sveum moment this year, was early in the year, against the D-backs. We were in a tie game going into the top of the eight, and we bring in Marmol. I get why we were using him, but as a Mgr. when you bring in a guy, who has been having a ton of trouble, you have to have someone up so you can go get him if ness., RIGHT…. NOT. He let Marmol give up a big number, and we lost the game BIG! How do you not have someone up????

I remember that game too. Any good manager can squeak out a few victories just by being smart and intuitive. That game was not one of Sveum’s better moments. He may not have any better moments to date. Your comment/ “complaint” is well justified. When the players are good enough to compete I am worried Sveum will not be. Sharpen the pitchforks…just in case Doug??

Billy Hamilton > Campana….. a playoff team has room for a guy on the bench to steal bases… a shit team is not looking for a guy who can only pinch run… that’s not not smart use of a roster looking for starting talent which we all should know by now Campana is not… why is it such a big deal…. why don’t we wait to get out our pitch forks till we have a team that should be competing … a coach can’t make this team a winner .. no coach could … relax and complain about something else

It’s obvious that your opinion of the players is lower than the manager or his coaches. It’s also obvious that I and a few others on this blog don’t agree with you. A manager sets the tone for what he expects of his team as a whole and as individuals. Power + Pitching = Pennant. That’s not my theory. That belongs to the late Bill Veeck. And I agree with that philosophy. But in that theory, the coaching staff must continually stress basic fundamentals of the game, plus be prepared to exercise common baseball philosophy regarding when you need to pull a starter, LH or RH pitchers in the bullpen, base running, cut-off positions, bunting prowess, etc., etc. That is Sveums responsibility and if you think he has met those standards, the let me kindly suggest that you have been watching a different manager exercising those responsibilities than we have. I can specifically cite 10 different occasions that Sveum has been absent in solidifying a win for this team. And those are facts and not wishful, emotional and blind acceptance of where this team should be and isn’t because of the manager.

AWESOME! Way to set him straight Diamond. Well done. BTW…ANOTHER comment from Svuem in today’s paper regarding Hamilton and what a “weapon” great speed can be. He does NOT mention a weapon only for CONTENDING teams. Campana WAS such a weapon and if the hind-sighted Sveum were to have used Campana more appropriately a few losses would have been avoided. Not saying Campana would have carried the team nor am I saying he would still be in the ML, just saying WHEN Sveum had the great speed he NOW seems to be in favor of having on the bench….HE didn’t utilize it. I hope Epstein had Sveum in mind just to get us through the “lean” years and not into the contending years.

Ha…ya’ got him! A manager can make any team better by various ways, strategy, instruction etc. We all know that Diamond. A better manager may not add a significant number of wins but at least a few no doubt. Nice comment, love the zinger effect….

Correction: It is because of the manager!

Ya well ur opinion is like arms….. Everyone has them… Fact is a manager doesnt make this team any better so whining about it does nothing.

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