9/10 Cubs lineup

The Cubs send Edwin Jackson to the mound Tuesday against Reds lefty Tony Cingrani at Great American Ball Park. Here’s the lineup:

Castro SS
Barney 2B
Rizzo 1B
Murphy 3B
Lake LF
McDonald RF
Castillo C
Sweeney CF
E. Jackson P


A new day. Another win! We can do it – will need more runs today I am thinking! Do not give up, do not give in! Eamus Catuli

I think Sveum would bat Mike Schmidt at his current age just because he is a righty. Sveum is the Righty/Lefty platoon king of the ML.

This is Poppy. Show me what you got. I don’t get this whole lefty-righty thing either. Baby Ruth never sat against no lefty. So why in the would would Swame sit Nate Louholtz? Both Ruth and Louholtz are lefties with POWER! If Baby Ruth can do it, why not Louholtz? Come on Swaim, know your baseball history!

Poppy, you are an awesome breath of fresh, comedic air!!! Nice work.

This is not Poppy. Is good to see Louholtz`s name in today`s (Wednesday`s) lineup.

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