9/11 Cubs vs. Pirates

Looking ahead, the Cubs will travel to Pittsburgh for a four-game series against the Pirates, starting Thursday. The team is going with a six-man rotation to give Scott Baker two more starts. Here are the pitching matchups:

Thursday: LHP Chris Rusin (2-3, 2.89) vs. LHP Jeff Locke (9-5, 3.23)
Friday: RHP Jake Arrieta (2-2, 4.28) vs. RHP Charlie Morton (7-4, 3.44)
Saturday: RHP Scott Baker (0-0, 0.00) vs. RHP Gerrit Cole (7-7, 3.48)
Sunday: LHP Travis Wood (9-11, 3.05) vs. LHP Francisco Liriano (16-7, 2.92)


Boy…what spoilers we can be to Pittsburgh! But that would be good for St. Louis and THAT would be a bitter pill to swallow!!

Is a valid point you make, joey. This will be one of those rare series when I shall not be passionate about the Cubs being victorious. Won`t mind hearing the Pirate broadcasters say “Raise the jolly roger” at the conclusion of each contest. Oh what sacrifices one makes when it comes to the dreaded Cardinals!

Having been born in Pittsburgh and growing up in Chicago i totally agree.One memory i will always remember is a bottom of the 9th home run by one of my favorite cubs Ron Santo to beat the Redbirds 4-3 in one of my familys last visits to Wrigley!

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