9/11 Hoyer on Baez: “He’s not ready yet”

GM Jed Hoyer talked to Cubs beat writers in Cincinnati and said talented prospect Javier Baez, 20, will not break camp with the Cubs in 2014 despite hitting 37 home runs and driving in 111 runs in 130 Minor League games.

“Listen, he’s really talented,” Hoyer said Tuesday. “I still think he has development left. We’re going to go into Spring Training with that mindset.”

Baez committed 44 errors, one reason he might not be ready for the big leagues.

“Guys that do that at his age normally go on to have really good careers,” Hoyer said of Baez. “He’s not ready yet, either. But what he did was pretty special.”

The Cubs are having discussions about roster decisions for 2014. Hoyer said one of the hardest things is that “we all see these players coming and we’re excited about our future and where those guys are. But we also realize it’s likely that none of those guys are going to start the season in the big leagues. As we sort of make out the lineup card, the 25-man roster for next year, that’s not going not going to be part of it.”


…waiting for a Joey rant on why not just start em now….

I know there are some people obsessed with my every comment, so sad…
and yet flattering at the same time. But definitely indicative of an empty life.
Oh boy, the waiting and the waiting and the waiting must drive these unfulfilled people crazy…so lonely and pathetic.
Of course Baez is not ready, look at his errors. We already have enough players that are not ready on the ML team with all the missed cut offs etc. Once the major league coaching staff gets ahold of these young players it may be worse than leaving him in the minors. Baez needs some polishing in the minors, let’s just hope he gets the proper instruction for reducing his errors. In time, as he matures he should improve.
Now if only Rizzo, Barney and Castro can improve despite Sveum’s coaching staff. Even Castro has stated in the paper that he is no longer going to listen to anybody and just do his thing. If that means a return to 200 hit seasons….go for it Starlin!!
Looking forward to seeing Baez in the majors whenever Hoystein deems him ready.

I say let’s see what they do in spring training. If they earn their way it will be fun to see some more of these young guys come up. Hoping to make it out to Phoenix next spring for a couple of games.

Good thing Brian Harper and Mike Trout did not become Cubs as they would then have to spend more time in the lower minors.

I respect what you’re saying joseph but just the errors alone are indicative of Baez needing more minor league seasoning. This is not to say that a RAPID rise through the minors is what is in his future. Who knows, could be a call up next September and sticks with the team. But if he makes it out of spring training next season don’t you think his defense will still be a little raw? Hell, I’m still hoping Rizzo, Castro and Barney turn things around by opening day 2014 let alone Baez making the ML roster.

Who is Brian Harper? Do you mean Bryce? Is Baez scheduled to play fall or winter ball? That could be a factor in his development, I would surmise. Is too soon, methinks, to predict Baez`s status at end of March 2014. Were we told Baez will take part in AFL? I forget, if indeed we were.

Baez may not be ready because he may not be mature enough to fit in a more seasoned group of players. Those are things only the front office can and should know. As far as his committing errors goes, that’s nonsense. If he plays or doesn’t play winter ball, he should be directed to have someone hit him 100 grounder’s a day to work on his fielding. Pay now or pay later. If he wants a quicker track to the ML, he’ll do it. Move Castro to 2nd. That leaves 3rd and the catchers spot to work on.

Thanks to you all for answering my question. NOT!

Yes, he is going to the AFL, they’re sending all four top prospects.

Thanks for that, Doug.

Brian Harper is the hitting coach for the Iowa Cubs!!!

Thank you Doug and Chad.

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