9/11 Reds 6, Cubs 0

Jeff Samardzija gave up six runs over 5 2/3 innings in the Cubs’ 6-0 loss Wednesday to the Reds. Chicago finished 5-14 against Cincinnati, with two of those wins coming in this series. Samardzija served up a solo home run to Devin Mesoraco and a three-run shot to pinch-hitter Jack Hannahan in his 30th start of the season. The right-hander thre 114 pitches, and now has 194 2/3 innings and 195 strikeouts. He’s trying to become the Cubs’ first pitcher to reach 200 in both innings and strikeouts since Ryan Dempster in 2010.


But…but…but….The Shark = our #1 pitcher, END OF STORY. HOW CAN THIS BE?!?!?! OOPSIES!!!

Let me ask a simple question. The team expands to 40 players on the roster. That’s 15 more than the minimum 25. Out of those 15 a third (5) should have been the best available pitchers from the minors who have potential ML abilities and are not involved in playoffs. We have been mathematically eliminated from the pennant race, so where are they? Instead we have a wide receiver trying to pass himself off as a ML pitcher, not a Shark, but Goldie-locks with a ball. I think he’s more concerned with his Captain Morgan look than actually focusing on what he needs to do to win. I think the whole organization needs to reboot and get with a solid program from top to bottom and stick with it. I’m beginning to think the Reds blew their wad on LA and we caught them on their tired side.

This is the first time the Shark has pitched this many innings. His arm may be tired or “dead” from too much work. That is what the manager and coaches are supposed to prevent. Prior and Wood may have a little to add on this point.

I agree with Jim. Samardj should have been shut down long ago and surely should not have started today`s contest. I am not impressed that he wants to achieve those “200” goals. Who cares about those meaningless stats? Management should be concerned about keeping the man healthy so that he can help us in future seasons when we may actually become relevant.

I would imagine that not only our pitchers but our entire team is feeling the effects of the season. Our guys and every other team in the leagues. They have been hit by pitches, slid into base after base, hit the ground umpteen times going after ground balls, hit the walls, twisted ankles, pulled muscles, etc. etc. Their bruises must be numerous and painful by now. – end of season “blues”. I love each and every game and hate to see the season come to an end but I guess it is time for our guys to get some home and healing time. I thank them all for putting on a darn good show for us fans. Win or lose the action is in the endeavor. A few games left to enjoy. Eamus Catuli

Shark still our #1… Why is that hard to understand ? He has had a bad year… Does that change anything? No he is our most talented starter…

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