Tuesday’s game: Cubs 9, Reds 1

Welington Castillo hit two home runs to back Edwin Jackson, who gave up one run over seven innings, in the Cubs’ 9-1 victory Tuesday night over the Reds at Great American Ball Park. Jackson also helped himself by hitting a solo home run. Cubs pitchers now have combined for six home runs and 28 RBIs, most in the Major Leagues. Coincidentally, Castillo now has six home runs and 28 RBIs. This was the third start this season that Jackson did not walk a batter.


Thank the gods the ever brilliant Sveum penciled in McDonald in RF, I don’t think we could have pulled off this tight victory without his 1 for 5 performance and instead went with the left handed hitting Schieroltz…

Why would dale start Nate, who historically struggles against lefties, against a tough lefty like Cingrani? Think about it. Over his career Nate has an ops of .697 vs lefties and a .753 ops vs righties. And an iso of .104 vs lefties and .173 vs righties. He does have a slightly higher batting average against lefties but the .331 babip suggests it’s fueled by luck a tad bit. He also strikes out at a 20% clip against lefties and his k rate drops to 16% against righties. All his stats show he is much better against righties. I’m willing to bet some combination of those numbers account for why Dale let him have the day off against Cingrani

Because despite all that you point out….Schierholtz is BETTER than McDonald.

As I said: Power + Pitching = Pennant. By the way, what is Lim doing on the roster except taking up space in the dugout?

He may be the one responsible for reminding Svuem who bats right and who bats left?? Just sayin’…..or is that Watkins job since he never plays either??

Briney that sounds like to much coffee in the middle of the day.

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