9/12 Leadoff man

The Cubs miss David DeJesus at the top of the lineup. So, looking ahead to next season, who might be the Cubs’ leadoff man? It could be Starlin Castro.

“He could be that guy,” manager Dale Sveum said Thursday. “That’s where he seems to hit the best. Look throughout all of baseball. It’s not the easiest thing to find is a bonafide leadoff guy.”

Castro most likely would have to bat .300 to have the on-base percentage needed to fill that spot.

“The way he’s been hitting lately, I think he’s learned a lot where he could hit at the top of the order,” Sveum said.

This season has been a struggle for Castro, who was began with a career .297 average, but was batting .241 with nine home runs, 30 doubles and 39 RBIs entering Thursday’s game.

“Offensively, he’s had his toughest year,” Sveum said of the shortstop. “The adversity and how to deal with that is another learning experience in the big leagues. The one thing we know about this game is it’s a humbling game and how you get through that is basically it.


Yeah, Dejesus was a real Ricky Henderson….NOT. Geez.

I`m wanting someone in our system to replace Castro next season. What`s this nonsense regarding his possibly leading off? Starlin`s bat has been impotent this season, and his defensive lapses have been well documented. If we are to become contenders, a basic need is to find a ss who can provide offensive production and play defense. He`s not that guy.

Well try to remember the lack of OPTIONS on the current ML roster, I suppose that is why Castro is even a consideration? Kind of like the lesser of all evils? Also, one’s defense has nothing to do with an ability to leadoff and if Castro is the best option by default….well, I agree that is sad. And remember when It comes to your wish to replace him….this is his first “bad” year offensively and he could very well rebound next season. He has stated after all that he is not going to listen to anybody (a jab at Deer? Sveum?) and just hit the way he knows how to hit. Not much we can do about his defense except hope for an improvement in the maturity department. I think he is just a little slow to mature when it comes to keeping his head in the game and concentrating on defense. I would not rush to replace him just yet.

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