9/13 Cubs lineup

Jake Arrieta takes the mound Friday at PNC Park as the Cubs play Game 2 of their four-game series against the Pirates. Pittsburgh is currently tied for first in the NL Central with St. Louis. Here is the lineup:

Castro SS
Valbuena 3B
Rizzo 1B
Navarro C
Schierholtz RF
Sweeney CF
Bogusevic LF
Barney 2B
Arrieta P


No McDonald??? Has Sveum lost his mind??? Might as well surrender without the juggernaut McDonald. Is Watkins still in the organization?

They are off practicing their bunting joey! :))

Let’s not get all “worked up” White. Evidently THAT too is not allowed? Fat chance. WE NEED TO GET WORKED UP….WE’RE CUBS FANS!!! GO CUBS!!

I don’t get why people complain on here every day about the Cubs lineup. They are 62-84 and the only players you should worry about are Castro, Rizzo, Lake, and maybe Welington Castillo. Everyone else doesn’t matter, and no, playing Logan Watkins is not going to magically make him into Chuck Knoblauch. Watkins is a nothing prospect who will probably join ex-if-they-only-played-them-more-Cubs Bryan LaHair, Micah Hoffpauir, and Matt Murton in Japan soon enough. The future of the middle infield is some combination of Castro, Javier Baez, and Arismendy Alcantara. So anyone who the Cubs play in the next 16 games that’s not one of those players who matter doesn’t matter and no Cubs fan should get themselves all worked up about it. And if you think any different, you might want to ask yourself whatever happened to Adrian Cardenas before you get back to me.

With posts like that (school of HWSRN…..) why would anybody WANT to get back to you??

My point is exactly that….McDonald “a player that doesn’t matter” gets playing time while Watkins “a nothing prospect” (a contradiction right there! duh. “prospect” itself intends a chance of something good….) sits on the bench. Why play McDonald over Bogusevic, Sweeney, Lake or Schierholtz? McDonald headed to Japan too? You have to have SOME talent to play there too!! No Cubs fans should get themselves worked up???? WHAT?? That IS part of being a Cubs fan!! You’d have to be one to understand….

Getting yourself worked up over the starting lineup with 16 games left to go in a season where the Cubs are going to lose over 90 games is part of being an ignorant Cubs fan. To us non-ignorant Cubs fans, we know that Darnell McDonald, Brian Bogusevic, Mike Sweeney, and even Nate Schierholtz don’t matter. Junior Lake does matter and he’s played in 50 games in only two months in the Majors, so giving him a day off every now and then isn’t a big deal. We also know that Logan Watkins, a guy who is not on any Cubs top prospect list, a guy who was hitting in the .240s all year at Iowa, a guy who the new administration has had two years to watch and evaluate, is not projected to be part of the Cubs long term future and therefore also doesn’t matter. That’s why he’s a nothing prospect. Prospect as in he’s young and is close to being major league ready. Nothing as in when he is major league ready, he’s going to be nothing special and you’ll probably want him off the team in two years to make room for the next prospect up, just like you do now with Darwin Barney, who two years ago was the “they should play him and see how good he is” of that time. Here’s another name for you: Sam Fuld. Has he made anyone in Tampa Bay forget about Carl Crawford yet, or is he exactly what Logan Watkins is destined to be: a nothing prospect who turned into a nothing major leaguer who will kick around for a few seasons and then probably wind up in Japan or the Independent Leagues.

Here’s another name for you, the “non-ignorant” Cub fan: RYAN Sweeney, not Mike….ignorance is bliss.

That’s right, I’m the one who’s ignorant. I obviously think the former Kansas City Royals player is the same on who is on the Cubs now. Never mind that I know who Logan Watkins is or how much Junior Lake has played. The fact that I had a brain cramp and misidentified Ryan Sweeney proves that I know absolutely nothing about baseball at all. I’m sure you and Ryan Sweeney will get a big kick out of it when you tell him this story in the autograph line at the Cubs Convention next year.

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